The Definitive Evolution of Genotyping

Axiom Genotyping Solution is the most powerful genotyping workflow delivering superior flexibility and coverage of populations, disease genes, and rare variants at an affordable price.

Unique GWAS, replication, and fine-mapping content on one array

Axiom World Arrays were developed to combine genome-wide association and imputation with dense marker coverage of disease-associated genes and loci. This enables GWAS, replication, and fine mapping in one cost-efficient and powerful study. Axiom World Arrays are optimized for diverse and admixed populations.

Unrivaled coverage of the exome, disease genes, and functional regions

Extensive, empirical screening of novel variants from 1000 Genomes and other projects has resulted in a resource of over 11M genotype-tested SNPs and indels. From this screening, we have created the Axiom Exome 319 Array, the most comprehensive exome array available, and coverage-optimized Axiom World Arrays for disease-focused GWAS in diverse populations.

Cost-effective custom array design with 100% SNP conversion

For as few as 480 samples, Axiom myDesign Custom Arrays offer the best flexibility, affordability, and conversion rates to rapidly take de novo SNPs from sequencing onto new array designs. Our unique resource of >11M genotype-tested, performance-proven SNPs and indels also enables you to choose markers from 1000 Genomes and other projects, which will give you 100% conversion on your final array.

Learn how other investigators are evolving their genomics studies.


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