Patient Advocacy

Learn about transplantation and organ donation. Get the support you need.

Transplantation is a Life-Changing Event and Each Patient’s Journey is Unique

The road leading up to transplant can be daunting and full of uncertainty, as can life with a new organ. The aim of this site is to provide prospective and current transplant recipients, their caregivers, and potential living donors access to educational content to support them across each stage of the transplant journey. This includes information about the transplant referral process, organ donation, how to be your best advocate, what to expect at the time of transplant, and life with a new organ.

At One Lambda, the Transplant Diagnostics business of Thermo Fisher, our mission is to improve quality of life for transplant recipients and their caregivers. Supporting the transplant community with high-quality educational materials and resources is a critical component of delivering on this mission.

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In Their Own Words

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We believe that the best information comes from firsthand experience.

Check out our videos below where patient advocate, Valen Keefer, addresses the realities of life with a transplant in her docuseries “Letters of Hope.” For those considering donation, you can access several interviews with living donors who talk about the process and the positive impact it’s had on their lives.

Education & Advocacy Resources

No matter what stage of the transplant journey you’re in, it’s important to stay educated and advocate on your own behalf. Here are a few resources and events that members of our team have supported or hosted. We hope these resources can help keep you informed and provide answers to questions you may have.