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Counting on You: 90 Days of Service Since Vadrien Received a Kidney Transplant
When NYPD officer Vadrien Alston experienced renal failure and needed a new kidney, a kind stranger from Utah named Sophia Jackson decided to become a living donor. Watch Vadrien’s inspiring story.
Counting on You: 64 Players Coached Since Julianne Received a Liver Transplant
Julianne Vasichek was a women's hockey star until primary sclerosing cholangitis, a rare disease that can only be cured with a liver transplant, threatened her life. Watch her story of determination.
Counting on You: 5 Milestones Reached Since Amelia Received a Heart Transplant
At just one-week old, Amelia needed a heart transplant. The family resolved to relocate near the transplant center to increase Amelia's chances of survival. Discover how she's thriving, reaching baby milestones, and looking forward to many more.
A Marvelous Gift: The Kidney Transplant Story of Two Friends
When Dayna and David met as college students, they never thought that 40 years later, Dayna would give David her kidney. Read the story of their kidney transplant journey and lifelong friendship.
Counting on You: 13 Years Post-Transplant and Over 60 Patients Supported with Transplant Housing
After she received a heart transplant, Ava Kaufman made a promise to give back. This is the story of how she founded a nonprofit that helps transplant patients get pre- and post-transplant housing.
Counting on You: Two New Organs and a New Outlook on Life
Marcus Roberts went from pursuing a career of service to struggling to stay alive. Discover how a dual heart and kidney transplant has helped him develop a new outlook live a healthier, fuller life.
Counting on You: 16 Years, 3 Kidney Transplants, and 20 Music Artists Discovered
Kadin Hoven is both a 16-year-old music enthusiast and 3-time kidney transplant recipient. Learn more about how living donation has helped him thrive and how you can help transplant patients like him.
Video: Meeting the Need for Transplantation: UT Health San Antonio Lab Director Donates a Kidney to Save Lives
Dr. Kelley Hitchman with UT Health San Antonio shares her experience as a living kidney donor. In 2021, she helped more transplants occur by giving her kidney as a nondirected altruistic donor.
The Transformative Journey of Transplantation | Letters of Hope – Episode 12
Valen shares the positive ripple effects of her two transplants, what she’s learned along the way, how she consciously makes decisions to help other patients, and how she lives life to the fullest.
Mental Health | Letters of Hope - Episode 11
In episode 11, Valen sheds light on mental health in the transplant community. She shares different ways she has coped with the ups and downs on her transplant journey.
Health Hiccups | Letters of Hope - Episode 10
Valen shares health hiccups she's endured through her transplant experience and provides advice on how to navigate and cope with these inevitable little blips that happen along the journey.
Dating, Relationships, and Family Planning | Letters of Hope - Episode 9
Dating while being on the transplant waitlist can be emotionally uplifting and eye-opening at the same time. Valen dives into the world of dating, relationships, and family planning.
Living Immunosuppressed | Letters of Hope - Episode 8
When you become a transplant recipient, you are beginning a lifelong journey of being immunosuppressed. In episode 8, Valen shares her medication regimen and discusses the realities, side effects, and responsibilities of living immunosuppressed.
Transplant Surgery | Letters of Hope - Episode 7
In this episode, we follow Valen’s journey through her liver transplant surgery, from her mental and physical preparation for surgery to following her regimen to remain healthy after surgery.
The Transplant Waitlist | Letters of Hope - Episode 6
Every nine minutes a person is placed on the transplant waitlist. In this episode, Valen shares the struggles she experienced while waiting to get the call to get her liver transplant.
The Crucial Care Partner | Letters of Hope - Episode 5
Having support during your transplant journey is crucial. This week we join Valen and Noah together for a heartfelt and open discussion on the important role of a care partner.
Transplant Evaluation | Letters of Hope - Episode 4
In this video, Valen Keefer and her husband Noah share their experience of the transplant evaluation process from a patient and caregiver perspective.
Advocating for Yourself | Letters of Hope - Episode 3
In this episode, Valen shares how your voice can be a powerful tool when it comes to advocating for yourself in the transplant journey.
Finding Your Voice | Letters of Hope - Episode 2
Valen Keefer and her mom share her journey from growing up with no voice to discovering her voice post-transplant.
In the News: Valen Keefer received new kidney 20 years ago, transplant still going strong
Keefer and Dr. Lawrence are in Boston to attend the annual American Transplant Congress. Keefer hopes to encourage more Americans to become organ donors, and to serve as a resource for those facing future transplantation.
Receiving a Diagnosis | Letters of Hope - Episode 1
In this video, our patient advocate, Valen Keefer, shares the emotions she felt when receiving a kidney transplant diagnosis and discusses ways to cope while processing the news.
The Transplant Journey and the Role of Clinical Diagnostics
While each person’s journey is unique, here is an overview of what you can expect to experience before, during, and after your transplant.
The Painted Turtle Helps Support Renal and Transplant Families
We’ve partnered with The Painted Turtle to support initiatives for renal and transplant families, and we hope you’ll do the same!
The Role of the HLA Laboratory
In this presentation, Dr. Dave Lowe gives patients and families a brief overview of the role that the HLA laboratory plays in transplantation.
The Quest for Better Kidney Care in Multicultural Communities | Carolyn Lemos-Urquidez
Carolyn of Kidneys Quest Foundation discusses the challenges of dialysis patient care in diverse and underserved communities and what you can do to help.
Changing the Conversation on Chronic Illness & Disability | Patient Stories
Our W-ERG LA Chapter organized this webinar to discuss the common challenges, biases, and misconceptions that those with a chronic illness or disability often face.
The Power of Digital Storytelling to Educate, Empower, and Engage Patients and Prospective Living Donors | Amy Waterman
Dr. Waterman with UCLA and TREC shares how the true stories of transplant donors, recipients, and candidates have the power to save and change lives.
The Life-Saving Power of Transplantation and the Need for Further Transplant Innovations
Regina Armstrong, a 32-year heart transplant recipient and a recent kidney transplant recipient, is a One Legacy Ambassador and came to One Lambda to share her transplant journey.
Giving and Receiving the Gift of Life: Mona Castro Shares Her Family's Bittersweet Transplant Story
Mona Castro visited One Lambda to share her family’s poignant story of both giving and receiving the gift of life. Mona's daughter, Sara, is a two-time transplant recipient who was born with severe...
Living Life to the Fullest: Terri Pilawa Shares Her Double Lung Transplant Story
Terri Pilawa shared her story as a lung transplant recipient. Her story is not only one of ups and downs but also a deep sense of gratitude and an incredible will to thrive.
The Grief of Unexpected Loss, and the Healing Power of Deciding on Organ Donation
OneLegacy ambassador, Kim Payne, shared with us how she weathered the devastating loss of her grandson, Malaikye, by becoming an advocate for organ donation.