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Thermo Scientific™

Dionex™ BorateTrap™ Inline Trap Column

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Industrial Chromatography

For optimal performance during IC carbohydrate analysis using HPAE-PAD detection, remove borate contamination using the Thermo Scientific™ Dionex™ BorateTrap™ Inline Trap Column. When placed between the eluent pump and the injection valve, the trap no effect on the efficiencies or retention times of the carbohydrate analytes. The Dionex BorateTrap column eliminates peak tailing for mannose, fructose, and sugar alcohols resulting from borate contamination.
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  • 4x50mm column
  • 20µm high-capacity resin that has high selectivity for borate
  • Functionalized with a polyol capable of complexing borate in the presence of hydroxide
About borate contamination

Borate is a known contaminant in laboratory water supplies. In chromatography, borate contamination of chromatography eluents may be a result of degrading deionized water systems or as leachate from borosilicate glassware. Borate contamination in eluents can cause a significant loss of peak efficiency, especially for mannose, fructose, and reduced monosaccharides. If borate is present in the eluent, it binds both to the anion-exchange column and to the carbohydrate analytes. The carbohydrate-borate complex is less efficiently eluted from the anion-exchanger than is the carbohydrate, resulting in peak tailing, particularly where vicinal cis hydroxyl groups are present, such as for mannose and sugar alcohols.

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