Thermo Scientific™

111 Zero Air Supply

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Industrial & Applied Science

Generate pollutant-free zero gas with the convenient Thermo Scientific™ 111 Zero Air Supply. Model 111 supplies pollutant-free air (zero air) from ambient air to allow for proper zeroing, and to provide clean diluent air for spanning ambient air analyzers.

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The Thermo Scientific™ 111 Zero Air Supply is designed for applications where pollutant-free levels of NO, NOx, O3, SO2, CO and hydrocarbons are required, with flows up to 20L/min. at pressures of 30psi. This model uses an external compressor; the pressure regulators, chemical scrubbers, reactor and temperature controller are all contained in a single convenient case.

Key Features:

  • Critical components are self contained
  • Limited Maintenance
  • Exceptional ease of use