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Pierce™ 96-Well Polystyrene Plates, Corner Notch

Catalog number:  15041

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Protein Assays and Analysis

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Clear 96-Well Microplates are made of specially formulated polystyrene and treated to produce high-capacity antibody-binding characteristics. These microplates have a corner notch for use in standard plate readers.

Features of Clear 96-Well Microplates:

• Clear plates for colorimetric ELISA and other assays
• Specially formulated optically clear polystyrene and treated to provide protein coating capacity
• High antibody-binding surface improves the overall performance in immunoassay applications
• Plates are certified for performance, having consistently low coefficients of variation among wells

Plate Properties:
• Antibody binding capacity: High, 400ng IgG/cm2 (1 cm2 = 100 µL volume)
• Binding interaction: hydrophobic-ionic
• Well-to-well coefficient of variation: CV ≤3%
• Well shape (bottom): Flat
• Maximum well volume: 360 µL

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Bottom: Flat
Color: Clear
Description: Pierce 96-Well Polystyrene Plates, Corner Notch
Material: Polystyrene
Plate Blocking: None
Detection Method: Colorimetric
Surface Treatment: Polystyrene
Binding Property: Adsorption, Hydrophilic
No. of Wells: 96
Product Line: Pierce™
Volume (Metric) Well: 360 µL
Packaging: 100 Plates
Type: Well Plate
Format: 96-well Plate
Well Shape: Flat Bottom

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