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Instant Connect SSL Injectors for TRACE™ 1300 GC Series

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Industrial Chromatography

Reduce downtime, simplify maintenance and enhance system performance with Thermo Scientific™ Instant Connect Split/Splitless Injectors for TRACE™ 1300 GC Series. The miniaturized module offers maximum flexibility to meet all types of routine and high throughput analytical needs.


The Instant Connect injectors and detectors redefine GC and GC-MS flexibility and usability. In two minutes, without training or tools, you can change these modules and reconfigure your system for a specific workflow or method. Now you can operate the system continuously or dramatically reduce maintenance downtime.

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Options for Expansion

For budget-conscious labs, Instant Connect modules offer the flexibility to start with a single-channel instrument, and expand to multi-injector or multi-detector configurations to accommodate new applications or increased throughput requirements.

Enhanced GC and GC-MS Performance

  • Optimized thermal profile avoids sample discrimination in split
  • Broadest range of analytes accurately injected in splitless mode
  • Complete oxygen diffusion-free operation—required for accurate injections into high performance mass spectrometers
  • Ready implementation of existing and validated methods for immediate productivity
  • More robust and sensitive trace analysis from Large Volume Injection capability

Easier Maintenance, Reduced Downtime

  • Compact, tubing-free injector manifold design
  • Access the septum and liner easily for quick, simplified maintenance
  • Extract and clean injector body easily without specific tools, minimizing downtime--especially useful for sticky samples
  • Minimum thermal stress to the septum, reduce bleeding and extend septa service life due to unique injector head design

Broad Compatibility with Columns and Consumables

  • Suitable for all capillary columns (50 to 530µm I.D.)
  • Compatible with 1/8 in. and 1/16 in. packed column using adapters; supports P&T/TD/HS by special adapter; adapter available for Merlin Microseal™ septum
  • Compatibility with standard consumables reduces operational costs