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Pierce™ Gentle Ag/Ab Binding Buffer, pH 8.0

Catalog number:  21020

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Protein Purification & Isolation

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Thermo Scientific Pierce IgG Binding and Elution Buffers ensure high-yield, nondenaturing antibody purification with IgG affinity purification supports, such as Protein A and Protein G agarose beads. The Gentle Ag/Ab Binding and Elution Buffer system uses near-neutral, high-salt conditions for elution, enabling even sensitive and labile antibodies (or other proteins) to be eluted from an affinity system without denaturation and inactivation. The phosphate-free binding buffer in this system is a necessary substitute for the Protein A binding buffer (pH 8), which precipitates with the Gentle Ag/Ab Elution Buffer.

Shared features of all Thermo Scientific Pierce IgG Binding and Elution Buffers:

Ready to use—carefully formulated and prefiltered 1X solutions
Three binding buffers—optimized for Protein A, Protein G or Protein A/G
Two elution buffer options—acidic (pH 2.8) or high salt (near-neutral)
Versatile—elution buffers are appropriate for antibody-antigen affinity purification

Products available for each antibody purification method:
Protein A IgG Binding Buffer: pH 8.0; phosphate-based; contains glycerol and EDTA
Protein A/G IgG Binding Buffer: pH 8.0; phosphate-based; contains EDTA
Protein G IgG Binding Buffer: pH 5.0; contains 0.02% sodium azide
IgG Elution Buffer: pH 2.8; amine-based
Gentle Ag/Ab Binding Buffer: pH 8.0; phosphate-free; contains 0.05% sodium azide
Gentle Ag/Ab Elution Buffer: pH 6.6; high salt (ionic strength)

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Pierce™ Gentle Ag/Ab Elution Buffer, pH 6.6
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Description: 0.25 in. x 4.6mm I.D. Frit
Product Line: Pierce™
Form: Liquid
Reagent Type: Binding Buffer

Contents & storage

Store at 4°C.