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Hydrochloric Acid Solution, Sequencing Grade

Catalog number:  24308

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Protein Assays and Analysis

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Hydrochloric Acid Solution is a constant-boiling 6N HCl solution, supplied in 1 mL ampules, that is specifically formulated as a sequencing-grade reagent for total protein hydrolysis for amino acid analysis.

Features of Hydrochloric Acid Solution:

• Hydrolyzes peptides in 6 hours at 150°C
• Specially purified to give a ninhydrin-negative blank on hydrolysis
• Packaged in ampules to eliminate contamination and ensure product integrity

Eveleigh and Winter (1970) give an excellent description of the total protein hydrolysis technique using Constant Boiling Hydrochloric Acid. Standard protein hydrolysis conditions are 105-110°C for 16-24 hours. At 150°C, this reagent can hydrolyze peptides in 6 hours.

A variety of products are available for peptide hydrolysis, amino acid analysis and HPLC separation. This constant boiling HCl is specially purified to effect peptide hydrolysis at 150°C, to ensure the integrity of your amino acid analysis data and to maximize sensitivity by eliminating interferences in your amino acid analysis. Pierce Hydrochloric Acid is purified and packaged to ensure a ninhydrin negative blank on hydrolysis. Convenient, pre-scored ampule packaging of the ready-to-use HCl maintains reagent integrity. This virtually eliminates exposure to laboratory atmospheres, fingerprints and other contaminants resulting from pipetting from bulk bottles.

For added safety when opening glass ampules, consider using our Ampule Breakers, which are disposable safety devices that protect the fingers when breaking open a glass ampule.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Size: 10 x 1 mL

Contents & storage

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