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Brij™-35 Surfact-Amps™ Detergent Solution

Catalog number:  28316

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Protein Purification & Isolation

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This Thermo Scientific™ formulation of Brij™ 35 is a stabilized 30% (w/v) solution of Brij-35 detergent for use in various protein methods. Brij™ 35 is a nonionic polyoxyethylene surfactant that is most frequently used as a component of cell lysis buffers or a surfactant in various HPLC applications.

Properties of Brij 35 Detergent:

• Molecular Weight: 1225g
• Detergent Class: Nonionic
• Aggregation Number: 40
• Micelle Molecular Weight: 49,000g
• Critical Micelle Concentration (CMC): 0.09 mM (0.011%, w/v)
• Cloud Point: >100°C
• Dialyzable: No

Features of this Thermo Scientific detergent solution:

Brij 35—a nonionic detergent for use in various protein methods
Accurate—30% detergent solution in ultrapure water
Easy-to-use—solutions are simple to dispense and dilute for use

Specifications of this Thermo Scientific Brij 35, 30% Solution:

• Visual: Clear, colorless viscous liquid, free of foreign material.
• Concentration: Concentration: 27.0 to 30.0%

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Form: Liquid
Product Line: Brij™, Surfact-Amps™
Reagent Type: Detergent Solution
Description: Brij-35 Surfact-Amps Detergent Solution
Quantity: 6 x 10mL

Contents & storage

Store at room temperature.