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Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Open-Top Storage Tubes

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Tubes and Vials

Store and track samples in Thermo Scientific™ Matrix™ 2D Barcoded Clear Polypropylene Open-Top Storage Tubes. Laser etching produces a permanent, high-contrast 2D barcode offering maximum reliability and traceability of compound, biological and genomic samples. Offered in three sizes, 0.5mL, 0.75mL, and 1.4mL, these tubes can be sealed with Thermo Scientific SepraSeal septum caps and stored down to -80°C.
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Secure Tracking:

  • A unique 2D barcode is laser-etched onto the base of every polypropylene open top tube to securely identify and track samples.
  • 2D Barcodes are resistant to 100% DMSO, ideal for compound processing and storage.
  • Non-proprietary 2D codes can be scanned in less than a second in VisionMate High Speed for fast decoding and sample tracking.

Robust Storage Rack Design:

  • Matrix 2D barcoded open top storage tubes come racked in 96-format in a proprietary specially-designed, stackable, ANSI footprint.
  • Latch racks save precious space in your freezer, refrigerator, compound store or on the bench top.
  • The latch rack design enables manual multichannel pipette access to 2D tubes and eliminates contamination risk with lid design that does not contact the benchtop.
  • The latch rack lid can be lifted robotically for 2D tube access with automated liquid handling systems and high throughput applications

Stringent Quality Control:

  • Every 2D barcoded storage tube is scanned to guarantee readability.
  • Each code is checked against a full database of all previously assigned 2D codes to ensure zero duplicates across the entire line of Matrix 2D barcoded storage tubes.
  • Every storage tube is leak tested to ensure the integrity and security of samples.

Storage Tracking Solutions for any Laboratory:

  • Tubes are available with a range of sealing options including solid and pre-slit Duraseals™ and Sepraseals to meet your individual storage requirements.
  • Custom 2D coding options are available to meet your laboratory's individual database or tracking requirements.
  • 2D storage tubes are compatible with Thermo Scientific freezer racks that allow optimal utilization of storage space.

Recommended for:

Individual sample retrieval; Instant sample identification; Secure identification of archived samples; Secure shipping of samples; Storage of samples; Tracking of samples.

Warranty: 90 days

WARNING: Cancer –
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