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Tempus™ Blood RNA Tube

Catalog number:  4342792

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Tempus™ Blood RNA Tubes are for stabilization and isolation of total RNA from whole blood for gene expression analysis. Advantages of Tempus™ Blood RNA Tubes:

• Immediately lyse whole blood cells and stabilize RNA in a single step—no RBC lysis or proteinase K treatments required
• Freeze global gene expression profiles for up to five days at room temperature; greater than seven days at 4°C

How it works
Each Tempus™ Blood RNA Tube contains 6 mL Stabilizing Reagent. When the blood (3 mL) is drawn into the tube and mixed with this reagent, lysis occurs almost immediately. The stabilizing reagent inactivates cellular RNases and selectively precipitates RNA; genomic DNA (gDNA) while proteins remain in solution. Blood drawn into the Tempus™ Blood RNA Tube is stable for up to five days at room temperature, or minimally seven days at 4°C.

Accessory product
When the Tempus™ Blood RNA Tubes are used with the Tempus™ 12-Port RNA Isolation Kit (Cat. No. 4378672), RNAs with greater stability and higher yields of RNA are produced (see figure).
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Tube Type: Sample Tube
Product Line: Tempus™

Contents & storage

Store unused tubes at room temperature.