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Axiom™ Strawberry FanaSNP 50k Genotyping Array, 384-HT format

Catalog number: 551041
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Applied Biosystems™

Axiom™ Strawberry FanaSNP 50k Genotyping Array, 384-HT format

Catalog number: 551041
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The Axiom FanaSNP Strawberry 50K Genotyping Array offers genome-wide coverage of polymorphic SNPs across the cultivated and wild octoploid strawberry species. It is a component of our Axiom Agrigenomics Genotyping solution where target genomic DNA is prepared and processed on the GeneTitan Multi-Channel instrument. The automated process include hybridization of the gDNA to this high-throughput microarray followed by staining, washing, imaging, and output of genotyping data for further analysis. The array is also available in mini-96 format (Cat. No. 551042).

The Axiom FanaSNP Strawberry 50K Genotyping Array was designed by the University of California, Davis Strawberry Breeding Program in collaboration with Affymetrix Expert Design Program 1.

Array content

  • Comprehensive content: 850,000 subgenome-specific SNPs from diverse octoploid strawberry accessions from around the globe. Collectively, 446,644 of 850,000 marker probes produced QC-passing polymorphic SNP genotype clusters showing disomic (allopolyploid) segregation. The complete set of 446,644 validated probes is made available for public use.
  • Production-scale array design: the most performant set of 49,483 SNPs was tested and validated for production activities. 5,809 SNPs from the iStraw 35K array were maintained for connectivity to previous platforms.
  • Tied to multiple reference genomes: SNP positions ascertained by WGS alignment to the Camarosa v1 reference genome 2 and updated to the UCD Royal Royce (FaRR1) reference genome 3
  • Globally represented and validated: variants discovered by WGS resequencing of 47 F. x ananassa, 24 F. chiloensis, and 22 F. virginiana individuals. Subgenome-specific marker performance variants were validated in a genetically diverse sample of 384 octoploid strawberry accessions.


  • Molecular genetics research and inference
    • QTL discovery and genome-wide association
    • Kinship and parentage analysis
  • Genomic and molecular breeding
    • Genomic prediction and selection
    • Marker-assisted selection
  • Release of new cultivars
    • Accelerate and increase efficiency of cultivar development
    • Identify the presence of important markers in existing strawberry germplasm
    • Use genetic information to identify germplasm that will perform well in specific growing regions
  • Intellectual property protection and verification
    • Clonal source and purity confirmation
    • Validation of parent-offspring relationships

Required products

GeneChip Command Console Software

GeneTitan Multi-Channel Instrument

Axiom Analysis Suite Software

Axiom Long Format Export Tool (AxLE)


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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Number of Arrays
384 arrays
384 HT-array Plate


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