eBioscience™ Streptavidin eFluor™ 506 Conjugate

Catalog number:  69-4317-82

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eBioscience Streptavidin eFluor 506 is a streptavidin-fluorochrome conjugate for indirect staining protocols to detect biotinylated primary antibodies in flow cytometry. eFluor organic dyes are traditional fluorescent dyes for use in multiple applications, including multicolor flow cytometry and immunofluorescence microscopy. To make fluorophore selection easier, all eFluor organic dyes are named after their emission wavelength, and they are fully compatible with most conventional dyes, fluorescent molecules, eBioscience buffers and fixatives, viability stains, and reagents.

The eFluor 506 organic dye is a violet-laser excitable fluorophore that has an emission peak of 506 nm. This dye is optimized for use in flow cytometry and, when combined with all five Super Bright dye antibody conjugates, can provide six detection channels of the violet laser. We recommend using a 510/20 band pass filter or equivalent. Please make sure that your instrument is capable of detecting this fluorochrome.

Applications tested
Streptavidin eFluor 506 Conjugate has been tested by flow cytometric analysis to detect biotinylated primary antibodies. It can be used ≤ 0.125 μg per test. A test is defined as the amount (μg) of streptavidin fluorochrome conjugate that will stain a cell sample in a final volume of 100 μL. Cell number should be determined empirically but can range from 105 to 108 cells/test. It is recommended that the streptavidin be carefully titrated for optimal performance in the assay of interest.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: eBioscience™
Shipping Condition: Wet Ice
Label or Dye: eFluor 506

Contents & storage

Store at 2-8°C.