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Imject™ Maleimide-Activated Blue Carrier™ Protein

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Antibody Production

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Thermo Scientific Imject Maleimide-Activated Blue Carrier Protein enables conjugation of sulfhydryl-containing peptide antigens to this soluble immunogenic carrier protein for immunization and effective antibody production.

Features of Imject Maleimide-Activated Blue Carrier Protein:

Optimized activation—specifications require that each lot is activated with more than 400 moles of sulhydryl-reactive maleimide per mole of carrier, ensuring consistently high levels of conjugation
Sulfhydryl-reactive—engineered for conjugating cysteine-containing peptide antigens to make effective immunogens for high-titer antibody production
Simple, rapid procedure—complete the hapten-carrier conjugation reaction in two hours to yield sufficient immunogen for several injections and booster immunizations of host animals
High-quality carrier protein—Blue Carrier Protein is ultrapure Concholepas concholepas hemocyanin (CCH) prepared from molluscan hemolymph
Highly immunogenic and soluble—CCH has a high molecular mass that elicits a stronger immune response than BSA or ovalbumin

Blue Carrier* Protein is a large hemocyanin that is highly immunogenic like keyhole limpet hemocyanin (KLH) yet is more soluble. The carrier is rendered sulfhydryl-reactive by chemical modification with Sulfo-SMCC crosslinker, and the resulting maleimide-activated protein is then stabilized and lyophilized in phosphate buffer. Maleimide groups form covalent crosslinks with sulfhydryl (-SH) moieties on cysteine residues of peptides and other thiol-containing haptens. Numerous antigen molecules can be conjugated to each Blue Carrier Protein molecule to make them highly immunogenic and increase the likelihood of eliciting immunized animals to produce high-titer antisera to the epitopes of interest.

Carrier proteins are large, complex molecules capable of stimulating an immune response upon injection. Successful production of antibodies specific to small antigens (i.e., peptides or drug compounds) requires that these haptens be covalently conjugated to a larger, more complex molecule (usually a protein) to make them immunogenic. Carrier proteins are chosen based on immunogenicity, solubility, and whether an adequate level of hapten-carrier conjugation can be achieved.

Blue Carrier* Protein is specially purified hemocyanin from the mollusk Concholepas concholepas. The CCH protein is composed of two very large polypeptide subunits (404/351 kDa) that form an extremely stable heterodidecameric structure even in the absence of divalent cations. (By contrast, KLH has a less stable and soluble homodidecameric structure). The complex molecular arrangement of CCH subunits contains diverse repeated antigenic structures that elicit a strong immune reaction mediated by T and B lymphocytes.

Because of their large size and molecular complexity, KLH and CCH hemocyanins are carrier proteins of choice for use as immunogens to produce antibodies against haptens and peptides. Moreover, studies suggest that the strong DTH immune response elicited by hemocyanins in animals and in humans has beneficial therapeutic effects in certain types of cancer. New developments in the immunotherapy of cancer have taken advantage of the unique immunogenic properties of hemocyanins in the development of novel conjugate vaccines for treatment of emerging diseases.

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Carrier protein activation and conjugation data for immunogen preparation

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Imject™ Maleimide-Activated Blue Carrier™ Protein
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Description: Imject Maleimide-Activated Blue Carrier Protein
Product Line: Blue Carrier™, Imject™
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