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Pierce™ Glycoprotein Isolation Kit, ConA

Catalog number:  89804

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The Thermo Scientific Pierce Glycoprotein Isolation Kit (Concanavilin A) allows isolation of glycoproteins from complex mixtures, including serum, tissue and cultured cell lysates. The procedure uses concanavilin A (ConA) as a ligand to bind a specific class of glycoprotein from complex protein samples—those containing alpha-lined mannose or terminal glucose residues. This kit has been used to isolate glycoproteins from serum as well as HeLa and CHO cell lysates in approximately 50 minutes.

Features of this Glycoprotein Isolation Kit:

High recovery—equivalent or greater glycoprotein recovery versus competitor kits and lectin resins
Fast—glycoprotein purification in less than an hour
Versatile—isolate glycoproteins from various sample types, e.g., human serum and cell lysate.
Robust—lectin does not leach from resin when processing sample
Convenient—complete kit offering lectin resins and spin columns with all necessary reagents
Compatible with Bradford-based protein assays—dialysis or protein precipitation of recovered glycoproteins is not required prior to protein assay

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Column Type: Agarose Resin, Affinity
Product Line: Pierce™
Purification Target: Glycoproteins
Stationary Phase: Lectin
Format: Kit, Microcentrifuge, Spin Column
Description: Pierce Glycoprotein Isolation Kit, ConA

Contents & storage

Sufficient For: Isolating glycoproteins with strong affinity for ConA from 10 samples of up to 640 µL (1 to 1.5 mg total protein) each
• ConA Lectin Resin, 1.1 mL
• Binding/Wash Buffer (5X), 6.5 mL
• Elution Buffer, 5 mL
• Spin Columns, 10 columns
• Collection Tubes, 20 tubes

Store at 4°C.