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SequalPrep™ Normalization Plate Kit, 96-well

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Clean up and normalize the recovery of PCR reaction products in one step with SequalPrep™ Normalization Plates. For use with 5 µl of PCR reaction, extract up to 25 ng of products per well within a 2-3 fold concentration range.
- For use in Next Generation Sequencing platforms for normalizing pools of PCR amplicons
- Skip tedius steps required for determination of yields and re-aliquotting
- When combined with SequalPrep™ Long PCR Kit, you will get the most sensitive and reliable method for long PCR product amplification and amplicon normalization.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Elution Volume Max: 20 µl
Elution Volume Min: 20 µl
Final Product Type: PCR Amplicons
For Use With (Equipment): Biomek™ FX, TECAN Freedom Evo
High-throughput Compatibility: High-throughput Compatible
Isolation Technology: ChargeSwitch™ Chemistry
Product Line: SequalPrep™
Purification Target: DNA from Enzymatic Reactions (e.g. PCR)
Purification Time: 75 min
Quantity: 10×96-well plates
Sample Type: PCR Products
Separation Range: 70 bp to 15 kb
Sequencing Type: Genome & DNA Sequencing
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Starting Material Volume: 20 µl
For Use With (Application): Next-Generation Sequencing
Format: 96-Well Plate
Product Type Specs: Normalization Plate Kit
Volume: 20 μL (Elution Volume Maximum), 20 μL (Elution Volume Minimum)

Contents & storage

Kit includes 10 SequalPrep™ 96 well plates, buffers, and instructions. Store at room temperature.