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FluoroBrite™ DMEM

Catalog number:  A1896702

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Cellular Imaging

| Mammalian Cell Culture

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Gibco® FluoroBrite™ DMEM features a background fluorescence that is comparable to PBS and 90% lower than that emitted by standard phenol red–free DMEM. Formulated to include the required nutrients for routine cell culture when supplemented with 10% fetal bovine serum and 4 mM L-glutamine or GlutaMAX™ Supplement, FluoroBrite™ DMEM is designed to enhance the signal-to-noise ratio of fluorophores, enabling researchers to visualize even the weakest fluorescent events in an environment that promotes optimum cell health. Additional features include:

• Enhancement of fluorescence signal during live-cell imaging
• DMEM-based to help preserve cell health

Live-cell fluorescence microscopy is an essential technique for the visualization of fundamentally important and physiologically relevant biological events. A key challenge with this technique is the ability to image weak fluorophores without causing cell damage, photobleaching, or undesirable changes to cell health. FluoroBrite™ DMEM helps address these issues.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Glucose: High Glucose
Quantity: 10 x 500mL
Serum Supplementation: Standard Serum Supplementation
Sodium Pyruvate Additive: No Sodium Pyruvate
Volume (Metric): 5 L
Form: Liquid
Glutamine: No Glutamine
Phenol Red Indicator: No Phenol Red

Contents & storage

Store in refrigerator (2–8°C). Protect from light.