Essential 8™ Adaptation Kit

Catalog number: A25935

Essential 8™ Adaptation Kit

Catalog number: A25935
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The Essential 8™ Adaptation Kit includes Essential 8™ Medium and recombinant human Laminin 521 (rhLaminin-521) for optimal survival during transition from feeder-dependent to feeder-free culture. rhLaminin-521 has been proven to promote cellular survival under stressful conditions in the absence of small molecule inhibitors. In addition, rhLaminin-521 has been shown to support PSC growth for >20 passages without any signs of karyotypic abnormalities and to maintain the ability of PSCs to differentiate into all three germ line lineages. rhLaminin-521 can also be purchased separately.

The Essential 8 Adaptation Kit is:
• Robust–transition cells between feeder-dependent and feeder-free culture systems with minimal effort
• Physiologically relevant–expand cells with minimal differentiation
• Scalable–passage stem cell lines as single cells with no impact to genetic stability

Trouble-free transition
When used with Essential 8 Medium, rhLaminin-521 provides a robust culture matrix that supports pluripotent stem cell adherence and expansion during the transition from feeder-dependent culture systems.

Confident expansion
rhLaminin-521 is expressed in blastocysts and therefore provides an environment mimicking the human stem cell niche.

Easy scale-up
rhLaminin-521 promotes stable pluripotent stem cell maintenance as single cells in the absence of ROCK inhibitors.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type
Pluripotent Stem Cells
Product Type
Stem Cell Adaptation Kit
Product Line
Essential 8™
Shipping Condition
Supplement and matrix - dry ice, Basal - ambient

Contents & Storage

• 100 µg rhLaminin-521, store at -10 to -30°C, protect from light
• 500 mL basal medium, store at 2-8°C, protect from light
• 10 mL supplement, store at -5 to -20°C, protect from light