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Pierce™ Phosphatase Inhibitor Mini Tablets

Catalog number: A32957
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Thermo Scientific™

Pierce™ Phosphatase Inhibitor Mini Tablets

Catalog number: A32957
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Thermo Scientific Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Mini Tablets provide complete cell lysate and biological sample protection from dephosphorylation by a broad spectrum of serine and threonine phosphatases.

Features of Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Mini Tablets:
Economical—more cost effective than other commercially available formulations
Improved formulation—tablets dissolve quickly to form a clear solution
Complete—the tablets inhibit acid, alkaline, and protein phosphatases
Compatible—use with homebrew or commercially available cell lysis reagents and Thermo Scientific protein assays

Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Mini Tablets protect phosphoproteins from serine/threonine phosphatases and tyrosine phosphatases. Each Phosphatase Inhibitor Tablet contains sodium fluoride, sodium orthovanadate, sodium pyrophosphate, and beta-glycerophosphate for broad-spectrum inhibition of phosphatase activity. Tablets are stable at 4°C for up to 12 months, and each tablet is sufficient for 10 mL of solution. The Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Tablets are suitable for use with any cell or tissue extract to preserve protein phosphorylation for downstream applications.

Protein phosphorylation and dephosphorylation states often function as molecular on/off switches for key regulators in biological pathways within the cell, including signal transduction, cell division, and apoptosis. To effectively study phosphorylation signaling events, endogenous phosphatases must be inactivated to prevent their uncontrolled activity upon cell lysis. Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Tablets preserve phosphoprotein modifications by significantly reducing endogenous acid, alkaline, and protein phosphatase activity.

Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Mini Tablets are compatible with most detergent-based cell lysis reagents, including Pierce Cell Lysis solutions. Where incompatibilities arise, the inhibitor components can be removed by dialysis or desalting before performing these procedures.

To use Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Mini Tablets, simply dissolve 1 tablet in 10 mL of buffer or lysate. Pierce Phosphatase Inhibitor Mini Tablets do not contain protease inhibitors. If necessary, protease inhibitors, such as Pierce Protease Inhibitor Tablets, can be added along with the phosphatase inhibitor tablet.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Type
Protease Inhibitor Cocktail
Shipping Condition
Wet Ice
Product Line
Sufficient For
10 mL Solution
Phosphatase Inhibitor
20 Tablets
Sodium Fluoride, Sodium Orthovanadate, Sodium Pyrophosphate, Beta-Glycerophosphate

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1 Vial, Store at 2°C to 8°C


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