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CultureOne™ Supplement (100X)

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CultureOne Supplement is a chemically-defined, serum-free supplement designed to significantly improve the differentiation of neural stem cells (NSCs) to neurons. Compared to conventional differentiation methods where NSCs can overgrow and become burdensome, CultureOne Supplement eliminates more than 75% of contaminating neural progenitor cells with minimal cell death and no effect on other kinase-mediated pathways. The resulting superior neuronal cell cultures of evenly distributed, differentiated neurons enable improved downstream assays, accelerated neuronal maturation, and seamless maintenance for five weeks or more.

Each vial of CultureOne Supplement contains a 100X 5-mL liquid reagent that can be added easily to any conventional neuronal differentiation medium, such as Neurobasal Medium with B-27 Supplements. After two weeks of differentiation with CultureOne Supplement, the supplement can be removed and the resulting cultures will contain considerably fewer progenitor cells for five weeks or more.

Improved downstream assays
Analysis of NSC-derived neurons can be difficult due to the presence of overgrown progenitor cells in the culture. These invasive cells can make imaging and electrophysiology experiments challenging and call into question the physiological relevance of gene expression assays. CultureOne Supplement reduces proliferating progenitor cells, giving you a cleaner and more relevant neuronal cell population, which significantly improves the assay experience and outcome.

Accelerated maturation of differentiated neurons
With CultureOne Supplement, NSC-derived neurons express mature physiological markers faster and develop longer neurites than untreated NSC-derived neuronal cultures. CultureOne Supplement-treated neurons also express significantly higher numbers of voltage gated calcium ion channels, which are an important marker for neural maturity and excitability.

Longer culture of NSC-derived neurons
For experiments that require NSC-derived neurons to mature for long periods of time, CultureOne Supplement seamlessly enables maintenance of enriched, differentiated neurons for five weeks or longer. By contrast, conventional differentiation methods result in proliferating neural progenitor cells, which tend to clump and cause the culture to peel off of the plate.

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WARNING: Cancer –


Cell Type: Neural Cells
Classification: Serum-Free
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Product Line: CultureOne™
Tested For: Endotoxin, Sterility

Contents & storage

Store in freezer (-5 to -20°C) and protect from light.