ExpiSf9™ Cells

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ExpiSf9 Cells are a non-engineered derivative of Sf9 insect cells that have been adapted for high-density suspension growth in ExpiSf CD Medium.

ExpiSf9 Cells:
• Enable consistent protein expression performance for over 20 passages after thaw
• Allow you to attain yields of three times more protein per liter than other insect cells from baculovirus-infected culture as part of the ExpiSf Expression System
• Achieve maximum cell densities of 2x107 cells per mL in ExpiSf CD Medium
• Exhibit fast recovery post-thaw and doubling times of approximately 24 hours
• Achieve high performance growth in multiple culture volumes from 4 mL in deep-well plates to >3 L in shake flasks

ExpiSf9 Cells are a core component of the ExpiSf Expression System. Frozen cells are supplied in a vial containing 1.5 mL of cells at 1 x 107 viable cells per mL in ExpiSf CD Medium and 7.5% DMSO. The cells should be thawed in ExpiSf CD Medium. Cells are typically grown in shake flasks on a shaker platform in a non-humidified, non-CO2 cell culture incubator. Growing ExpiSf9 cells in adherent format for routine culture is not recommended.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Line: Sf9, SFM Adapted
Product Line: ExpiSf9™
Product Size: 1 vial
Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Species: Spodoptera frugiperda

Contents & storage

1 vial (1.5 mL volume at 1.0 x 107 cells/mL), store in vapor-phase liquid nitrogen