ExpiSf™ CD Medium

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ExpiSf CD Medium is a GMP-manufactured, chemically defined, yeastolate-free, serum-free, protein-free, animal origin-free medium specifically designed for high-density growth, transfection, and baculovirus infection of suspension-adapted Sf9 (Spodoptera frugiperda) insect cells.

ExpiSf CD Medium:
• Delivers high reproducibility and lot-to-lot reliability
• Enables high-yield protein expression that is three times higher than traditional insect expression platforms
• Supports growth of suspension Sf9 cultures to densities of approximately 2 x 107 cells/mL
• Supports high-density baculovirus infection of suspension Sf9 cells
• Supports growth, transfection, and baculovirus infection of Sf9 cells in culture formats from 24-deep well plates to >2 L in shaker flasks
• Is a ready-to-use formulation, with no supplementation required
• Powder format available to facilitate large-scale applications

ExpiSf CD Medium is a core component of the ExpiSf Expression System. For highest level protein expression, the medium is used in combination with a matched protein expression enhancer, ExpiSf Enhancer, which is supplied as part of the ExpiSf Protein Production Kit. Sf9 and Sf21 cells adapted to other commercially-available serum-free media may be adapted for growth in ExpiSf CD Medium. ExpiSf CD Medium is not recommended for adherent cell cultures.

cGMP manufacturing
ExpiSf CD Medium is manufactured using an ISO 13485-certified process according to 21 CFR 820 medical device current good manufacturing practices (cGMP).

Dry media formulations
For added flexibility, ExpiSf CD Medium can be made in AGT dry format at large scale. For custom media requests, please contact Gibco Custom Media Services.

For Research Use or Further Manufacturing. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type: Insect Cells
Classification: Animal Origin-Free, Chemically Defined, Protein-Free, Serum-Free
Form: Liquid
Product Line: ExpiSf™
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Quantity: 1000mL

Contents & storage

1 x 1000 mL bottle, store in the dark at 2–8°C

Shelf Life: 12 months from date of manufacture