DNA-free™ DNA Removal Kit

Catalog number:  AM1906

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DNA-free™ DNase treatment and removal reagents are designed for the removal of contaminating DNA from RNA samples and for the removal of DNase after treatment. Features of this reagent set include:

• Safely eliminate DNA contamination from RNA samples
• No organic extraction or heat inactivation required
• Includes novel reagent to remove DNase
• Recombinant DNase I is certified RNase-free

Inactivation and removal of DNase
DNA-free™ reagents effectively remove DNase and divalent cations from the reaction mixture. The DNase/cation removal step takes only three minutes. No organic extraction, EDTA addition, or heat inactivation is required. The DNA-free™ Kit comes complete with RNase-free DNase I, an optimized 10X Reaction Buffer, and a novel DNase Removal Reagent.

Accessory product
TURBO DNA-free™ Kit (Cat. No. AM1907) is similar to the DNA-free™ Kit but includes TURBO™ DNase, an engineered hyperactive DNase that exhibits up to 350% greater catalytic efficiency than wild type DNase. The enzyme also has a 6-fold lower Km for DNA, thus enabling effective removal of trace quantities of DNA contamination.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Shipping Condition: Dry Ice
Product Line: Ambion™, DNA-free
Enzyme: DNase

Contents & storage

Store rDNase1 , 10X DNase 1 Buffer and DNase Inactivation Reagent at -20°C. Store Nuclease–free Water at room temperature.