NorthernMax™ Formaldehyde Load Dye

Catalog number:  AM8552

Related applications:

Nucleic Acid Gel Electrophoresis & Blotting

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Ambion® NorthernMax® Formaldehyde Load Dye as ready-to-use solution is added to RNA sample (3 parts solution: 1 part sample) and heated briefly. The samples are then ready to be loaded. Ethidium bromide can be added to the samples if desired. Supplied in six tubes containing 1 mL each.

All Ambion® Gel Loading Solutions are rigorously tested for non-specific endonuclease activity, exonuclease activity, RNase activity, and for functionality. These are the same solutions we use in-house and in our kits.
WARNING: Cancer –
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Gel Compatibility: Formaldehyde-Containing Gels
Product Line: Ambion™, NorthernMax®
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature

Contents & storage

Store at –20°C.