XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell and XCell II™ Blot Module

Catalog number: EI0002

XCell SureLock™ Mini-Cell and XCell II™ Blot Module

Catalog number: EI0002
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The XCell SureLock Mini-Cell and XCell II Blot Module set is an electrophoresis and blotting system for mini gels. It includes the XCell SureLock Mini-Cell for running Invitrogen mini gels and the XCell II Blot Module for blotting up to two mini gels at a time.

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How the system works
The XCell SureLock Mini-Cell holds gels firmly with a simple gel tension wedge. When the lever on the gel tension wedge is pushed forward into the locked position, an even, horizontal force is generated. This seals the gel/buffer core assembly firmly into position in the lower buffer chamber. The positive locking action of the gel tension wedge ensures a trouble-free, leak-free gel run every time.

XCell II Blot Module
The XCell II Blot Module allows you to easily transfer proteins or nucleic acids from mini gels to membranes. It fits into the XCell SureLock and XCell II Mini-Cells in place of the gel/buffer core assembly. It requires less than 200 mL of transfer buffer for western, southern, and northern transfers. Tough platinized titanium and stainless steel electrodes create a uniform electrical field without clamps or hinged gel holders. Maximum blot size is 9 cm x 9 cm.

Upgrade your XCell II to an XCell SureLock Mini-Cell
Conversion of an XCell II into an XCell SureLock is easy with the SureLock Retrofit Kit (available separately). The kit consists of a SureLock mini-cell lid, gel tension wedge, and molded mini-gel buffer dam.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Up to 2 mini-gels
Gel Compatibility
Novex™ Mini Gels, NuPAGE™ Gels
Gel Size
Mini (8 cm x 8 cm)
Mode of Transfer
Product Line
Novex™, XCell II™, XCell SureLock™
For Use With (Equipment)
XCell SureLock™ Mini
Blot Module
Running Dimension

Contents & Storage

• XCell II™ Blot Module
• 1 Gel Tension Wedge
• 1 Buffer Dam
• 1 Lower Buffer Chamber
• 1 Buffer Core
• 1 Mini-Cell Lid
• 1 Gel Knife

Warrantied for one year from the time of purchasing.


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