We offer a variety of gel electrophoresis chamber systems that allow you to perform multiple types of gel runs and experiments. Below is a brief description of each system and a selection guide to help you choose the right electrophoresis system for your needs.

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  XCell SureLock® Mini-Cell
XCell SureLock® Mini-Cell
XCell4 SureLock® Midi-Cell
XCell4 SureLock® Midi-Cell
Mini Gel Tank

Gel capacity Up to two mini-gels (8 x 8 cm) Up to 4 midi-gels (8 x 13 cm) Up to 2 mini gels
Cell dimensions 12.5 cm (L) x 14.4 cm (W) x 16 cm (H) 21.1 cm (L) x 19.2 cm (W) x 16.3 cm (H) 11 x 12 x 16 cm (height with lid on)
  • XCell II™ Blot module is available for semi-wet protein transfers
  • Instrument incorporates a gel tension wedge in place of the rear wedge used on earlier models
Advanced apparatus for easier, more reliable electrophoresis with midi-gels The Mini gel tank is versatile and compatible with the SureCast gel handcast system, NuPAGE, Bolt or Novex mini gels. The unique tank design enables convenient side-by-side gel loading and enhanced viewing during use.
Product manuals XCell SureLock® Mini-Cell Manual
XCell II™ Blot Module Manual
XCell4 SureLock® Midi-Cell Manual Mini Gel Tank

Novex® E-Base™ high-throughput electrophoresis system

E-PAGE™ gels run in the specially designed E-Base™ electrophoresis bases, which combine the base and the power source in one device. The E-Base™ devices are compatible with the Society for Biomolecules Screening (SBS)-standard plate size and can be conveniently mounted on liquid handling robot decks.The E-Base™ can run E-Gel® 96, E-Gel® 48, E-PAGE™ 96, or E-PAGE™ 48 systems. 

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