Connect every phase of your cell and gene therapy journey

We connect you to the end-to-end cell and gene therapy solutions that help you to deliver life-changing therapies. Our mission is to provide you with the connections to help you reach your next milestone, further your progress, and support your cell and gene therapy journey to success. We connect you to the high-quality materials, services, and support to help accelerate your workflow from discovery to clinical research and commercial manufacturing.

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Find out how Thermo Fisher Scientific can connect you to the Cell and Gene Therapy products, services and solutions to help you progress. From discovery to cell and gene therapy bioprocessing and commercialization, Thermo Fisher Scientific is the partner to support you at every step of the way.

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Cell and gene therapy solutions

Always stay a step ahead in your work with the integrated, flexible, end-to-end, cell and gene therapy solutions that scale with you. Solutions that support you across your entire workflow, from cell and gene therapy research to cell and gene therapy bioprocessing & commercialization.

Advance with fit-for-purpose, integrated solutions

Maximize the potential of your research by connecting to materials, reagents, cell therapy systems products and integrated solutions that are specifically designed to accelerate your cell therapy applications.

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Connect to CDMO viral vector solutions

Our deep technical and analytical expertise helps ensure quality and compliance while operating with transparency and flexibility. Connect to a viral vector CDMO partner with over 14 years of experience developing processes and producing cGMP viral vectors.

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Cell and gene therapy manufacturing products

Connect to a partner with over 30 years of CGT manufacturing experience and robust supply chain expertise. You can rely on our experts to ensure you meet cGMP requirements for raw materials, manufacturing formulation and sterility.

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Build and strengthen a relationship that’s personal

We care about your success. Our support team is on hand to guide you through every step of your workflow, connecting you to the cell and gene therapy solutions that enable continuity, stability and progress.

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Rely on the high quality cell and gene therapy products and services

Connect to the innovative, flexible, industry-leading cell and gene therapy products and services that can accelerate your workflow. All of our solutions are designed with your commercial end-point in mind. Access our Cell & Gene Therapy Product and Service Selection Tool to find the right products and services for you.

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Cell therapy manufacturing scientist in full PPE examining therapeutic vile in support of car t cell therapy process

Featured cell and gene therapy products

Watch one patient’s story of receiving cell therapy treatment

When his lymphoma grew faster than expected, Paul Chae was treated with CAR-T cell therapy at Massachusetts General Hospital. This therapy represents a significant step forward in developing immunotherapies—therapies that use a patient’s own immune system to combat their disease. Paul is now cancer-free thanks to this innovative technology.

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