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For every step in your journey to discovery, there are Invitrogen solutions to take you further, faster. Invitrogen cell, protein, and molecular biology technologies range from Lipofectamine reagents, TOPO cloning, SuperScript and Platinum enzymes, to immunoassays, imaging, western blotting, and flow cytometry. They're all designed to help ensure that the time you invest in your research is efficient and is rewarded with the reliable results you’re counting on.

Key applications and techniques

Easily find the right antibody for any application using our advanced search tools, including a novel epitope-based search.

Find labeling and detection technologies, cell counting and microscopy instruments that accelerate your cell biology research.

Leading the way in cloning for over 25 years with TOPO, GeneArt Gene Synthesis, Anza, and Gateway cloning solutions.

Optimized for PCR, cloning, sequencing, and gene detection.

Sensitive, scalable DNA & RNA purification products to maximize efficiency.

Flow cytometry analyzers, cell sorters, validated flow conjugated antibodies, reagents, and panel building tools for flow cytometry.

Genome engineering tools to enable researchers to study how genotype influences phenotype.

Platinum and AccuPrime products for successful PCR; SuperScript enzymes for accurate reverse transcription.

Protein electrophoresis and western blot solutions for detecting and analyzing your target protein.

Dynabeads magnetic separation products designed for reliable and reproducible results in the purification and analysis of cells, proteins, DNA, RNA and other molecules.

Trusted Lipofectamine reagents for delivery of plasmid DNA, siRNA, RNAi duplexes, oligonucleotides, and RNA.

Popular Invitrogen products


Researcher’s guide to cloning
One resource for your cloning needs

Protein Electrophoresis and Western Blotting Education Center
Learn about protein gel electrophoresis and western blotting methods

Cell Analysis Learning Center
Learn about cell analysis methods and technologies

Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence
Resources to help you design experiments using fluorescence, imaging, and flow cytometry

Antibodies Learning Center
Learn about antibody methods and technologies

School of Molecular Biology
Educational hub for molecular biology, with technical content for new and experienced molecular biologist alike

Data Analysis Apps
Fast and powerful cloud-based apps for data analysis

Flow Cytometry Learning Center
The purpose of this learning center is to connect new or experienced scientists to our many resources for learning about flow cytometry applications, techniques and basic principles.

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