Attune Flow Cytometers are compact benchtop cell-analyzers with hardware features that enable exceptionally fast sample flow rates, high clog resistance, and outstanding reliability. Attune instruments can be configured with up to 4 spatially-separated lasers and 14 fluorescence detectors. Acoustic focusing technology  enables sample flow rates up to 1,000 µL/min, ~10x times faster than traditional cytometers, without compromising data integrity. Attune Cytometric Software makes the system easy-to-use and offers an optional module for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.


The Attune CytPix model includes a high-speed brightfield camera to capture images of individual cells as they pass through the flow cell. Automated image analysis software produces morphometric data integrated with standard fluorescence parameters. These features enable researchers to enhance data precision and accuracy, and gain novel insights into their sample biology


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Attune cell analyzer capabilities

Acoustic focusing cytometry

Sound waves enable precise cell alignment, resulting in exceptional data quality and ~10X faster sample flow rates.

Visualization of imaging-enhanced flow cytometry data measurement

Learn how the Edison-award winning Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer integrates imaging with flow cytometry to enhance data precision and accuracy.

Considerations when purchasing a flow cytometer

Learn about key experimental concepts and flow cytometer components.

Educational videos and webinars

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Workflow automation options

Pair your Attune flow cytometer with an autosampler for increased workflow efficiency, and add robotic integration for maximum throughput.