Attune Flow Cytometers are compact, benchtop cell analyzers that can be configured with up to four spatially separated lasers to flexibly design, run, and analyze panels of up to 14 colors. Unique, powerful acoustic technology avoids clogging and dramatically reduces cell preparation and processing time even for troublesome large cells and dissociated tissue masses. The systems attain sample throughput rates of 1,000 µL/min, ten times faster than traditional cytometers without compromising data integrity. Attune Cytometric Software makes the system easy to use with an optional module for 21 CFR part 11 compliance.


The Attune CytPix model includes a high-speed brightfield camera that helps you visually confirm that your gates contain cells of interest and discover relevant morphology.

Two data sets, one step, zero doubt

Dream big. Design your Attune system

Attune cell analyzer capabilities

Acoustic focusing cytometry

Sound waves allow precise cell alignment, resulting in exceptional data quality and throughput.

10X faster sample throughput

Realized in the Attune Flow Cytometers over competitors by measuring protocol completion at maximum speed.

Educational videos and webinars

Learn more from researchers who use Attune Flow Cytometers in their labs

Flow cytometry panel builder

In five easy steps this online tool guides you through flow cytometry panel design, offering a simplified, customizable experience to fit your panel design needs, valuable for all experience levels.

Workflow automation options

Pair your Attune flow cytometer with an autosampler for increased workflow efficiency, and add robotic integration for maximum throughput.

Spectral Flow Cytometry Fundamentals

Learn about the history of spectral flow cytometry, the players in the marketplace, and the technological differences among spectral instrumentation. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced user, these fundamentals will help you conceptualize advances in spectral flow cytometry and how to think about designing experiments for a spectral cytometer.


For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.