Service plans, training, consulting, and other services ensure your success

Our technical services, field engineering, and training teams are fully committed to ensure your success using Attune Flow Cytometers for your research. Instrument service plans, consulting, and training programs are designed to help ensure instrument performance, team readiness, and overall optimal research outcomes using the system. In the field or on the phone, our team has the professional know-how to support your research and the personal dedication to your satisfaction with our instruments.

Instrument Service Plans

After purchase, our concierge service ensures that your Attune Flow Cytometer installation is straightforward from site preparation to delivery and installation. If your laboratory operates in a regulated environment, optional IQ/OQ services are available to qualify and validate your system. 


Once installed, the Attune Smart Monitor Service can help improve instrument uptime by enabling service personnel to proactively respond and remotely diagnose instrument issues. The proprietary software that drives the Smart Monitor Service provides data about critical operating parameters to a secure, centrally located database on a periodic basis. This information provides both a historical record of performance and ensures that your system is functioning as designed. It is used by service engineers to diagnose and in some cases remotely resolve issues that arise—increasing up time and reducing total cost of ownership. 


Service plans can:

  • Maximize system uptime with fast repair turnaround time from manufacturer-trained and certified field service engineers
  • Reduce overall repair costs with remote instrument diagnosis and resolution
  • Extend the life of your system and keep it running at peak performance with annual service maintenance

Most plans include parts, labor, travel and shipping.

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Planned Maintenance Services for the Attune Cell Analyzers include:

  • Checks on performance and factors that can lead to sub-optimal performance including inspection and replacement of critical parts as needed and cleaning of both interior and exterior of the instrument. 
  • Safety checks including check-ups on component functionality and inspections in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • Application of relevant service bulletins and software updates. 

On-site service plans

Attune CytPix, Attune NxT, CytKick Autosampler, and CytKick Max Autosampler customers can choose an on-site service plan in which we come to you. These plans include guaranteed response times in most regions, scheduled planned maintenance, and automatic software updates. 

Off-site service plans

CytKick Autosampler, CytKick Max Autosampler, Thermo Scientific Orbitor RS2 Microplate Mover, and Attune NxT External Fluid Supply (EFS) customers can choose an off-site service plan in which you send your instrument to us.

Training programs

Virtual and in-person classroom instruction and hands-on learning is available for your lab through our training programs. A variety of offerings are designed to match your schedule, budget and learning objectives.


Course offerings are designed to fit the needs of users at different experience levels. This includes, for example, courses that cover the basic workflow from experiment set up to data analysis tailored those new to Flow Cytometry. Whichever course plan you choose, you’ll learn from one of our over 300 highly skilled application scientists who will come up with a recommend plan that best meets your needs. Training sessions can be held at one of our training centers located worldwide, at your location, or online.


An on-site training course comes standard with the product and is designed to introduce new users to the operation and maintenance of the Attune CytPix or Attune NxT Flow Cytometers. The course is designed for up to two people. Attendees are guided through an overview of the system experiment set up, data acquisition, compensation, post-acquisition analysis, system maintenance, data management, and basic troubleshooting. Attendees benefit from working on their own instrument in their lab environment with Application Scientist instructors. Hands-on lab exercises include single-color and multicolor experiments. 


Hourly interactive online consulting by Thermo Fisher field application scientists (FAS) is also available.

Qualification services

You can add qualification services to complement your service plan. Instrument hardware qualifications for Attune Cell Analyzers include instrument qualification (IQ), operational qualification (OQ), and Instrument Performance Verification (IPV) to document and verify that instruments are installed and operating according to manufacturer’s specifications. 


  • IQ: provides documented evidence and verification that the instrument has been delivered and installed according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • OQ: provides documented verification that the instrument subsystems are operating as designed, and verifies that the functionality of an instrument meets the manufacturer’s operational specifications.
  • IPV: provides testing and documented verification that the instrument system can perform effectively and reproducibly within performance specifications, and helps ensure confidence in results by verifying that the accuracy and precision of an instrument is maintained


IQ, OQ, and IPV are recommended at installation, after moving the instrument, after software or hardware upgrades, and after planned maintenance or critical repairs. Our qualification specialists will partner with you to deliver timely, cost-effective, and trusted qualification services that include reliable, audit-style documentation that will help ensure your instruments meet regulatory requirements.


Standard and extended warranty

During the 1-year system warranty period, all costs for travel or shipping, labor, and parts for repairs are covered. Extended warranties, covering an extra year, are also available. When you purchase your instrument, check with your sales representative to see if an extended warranty package (including both instrument and warranty extension) is available.* 


For a system that's already in your lab, check your service coverage today.



* Extended warranty packages are not available in all regions. Please contact your local sales representative or visit Contact Us.

Customer Education

Online flow cytometry resources are found in our Cell Analysis Learning Center, which explains many flow cytometry topics. Of special interest is the Molecular Probes School of Fluorescence, which includes everything we wish we had known when we first started working with fluorescent reagents.

Image representing the cross section of a cell

Cell Analysis Learning Center


Contains abundant resources for learning about flow cytometry basics and applications, techniques, and basic principles. Topics include functional assays and reagents for cell proliferation and viability, cell cycle, and apoptosis; flow cytometry antibodies and immunophenotyping; flow cytometer set-up and calibration; cell sorting; and more.