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Take advantage of our on-site, one-stop shop for all of your lab's inventory needs. By alleviating the chase for supplies, you can spend more time focusing on what really matters: results.

Looking for a new Supply Center for your lab?

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Restore your most precious resource

Searching for the supplies you need each day can compromise your most precious resource: time. With a Thermo Fisher Supply Center, you can boost productivity and focus on the task at hand, knowing you have a comprehensive range of grab-and-go lab consumables right at your fingertips.

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Restore your most precious resource

Instant access to the products you need most

A Thermo Fisher Supply Center provides on-demand access to on-premises supplies. Now, you can get must-have materials to researchers as soon as they need them, while simplifying procurement for your operational team.

Our customizable inventory management solutions improve your ability to maintain proper stock levels, control costs, and anticipate future demand - while automated billing eliminates approval delays, freeing up scientists and lab managers

Reduce hassle - and your lab's environmental impact

On top of the flexibility of instant fulfillment, a Thermo Fisher Supply Center can also help make your lab more environmentally friendly. Through consolidated restocking shipments, you can reduce packaging waste. Plus, our convenient online catalog allows you to easily find and select greener product alternatives.


Simply look for our green leaf symbol, which identifies products with one or more of the following features:

Less hazardous
Less hazardous
Use of fewer resources (less waste)
Use of fewer resources
(less waste)
Sustainable packaging
Sustainable packaging

Opening a new Supply Center

Opening a new supply center
  • Our dedicated support team will work with you to identify the ideal type and location of your free Supply Center .
  • Your Supply Center will be delivered and set up according to your preferences, with customized inventory and stocking plan based on your exact needs.
  • We provide training for all users, hosts, and administrators, so your entire lab can immediately enjoy the benefits of your Supply Center.

Ongoing support for your Supply Center

  • Your lab will automatically receive consolidated shipments for replenishment, based on your Supply Center inventory level. Users can request new products, remove products, and adjust stock levels anytime.
  • We conduct routine reviews of your Supply Center, making any necessary modifications to ensure it continues to meet your lab's evolving needs.
  • Of course, our support doesn't end after your Supply Center arrives. Our friendly and knowledgeable team of experts is always available to support all of your lab's inventory needs.
Ongoing support for your supply center

Hear what our customers are saying

It used to be a free-for-all, until we realized we needed to stick to a budget—so the Supply Center solution has been looked on very favorably.

—Lab Manager

Therapeutics Company
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You just scan your key card, scan the item, and that's it. It not only simplified things... logistically, but it's also helping us save money.

—Walter Lee

Staff Scientist & Senior Manager, Pacific Biosciences
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You'd have to look in 10 different places to find all the things you wanted to stock, but with Supply Center, it's all in one spot.

—Operations Manager

Immuno-oncology & Gene Therapy Company
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See for yourself how a Thermo Fisher Supply Center can create a success story for your lab. Contact us today for assistance with establishing a free Supply Center

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Make sure the One Shot FBS bottle is in your Supply Center

This cool, little bottle is a game-changer in the lab—the Gibco™ One Shot™ FBS 50 mL bottle was designed specifically for FBS use, and offers all this:

  • Eliminates the need to aliquot
  • Reduces thawing time by as much as 30 hours
  • Let’s you stop fidgeting with pipettes, helping reduce contamination risk
  • Available in a heat-activated format, thus eliminating the need for the hot water bath

Discover why so many researchers love the benefits that come with this little bottle—request your own free sample »

Make sure the One Shot FBS bottle is in your Supply Center by Thermo Fisher Scientific, click here to add One Shot to your  local Supply Center.


View the features and capabilities of our various Supply Center models and learn more about how the Supply Center program works.


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Discover how to easily and efficiently use your Supply Center with a variety of helpful videos and how-to-guides.


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Find fast, easy answers to the most frequently asked Supply Center questions.


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SCMS admin login

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