Our extensive collection of chemicals and biological reagents enables innovation, increases productivity, and improves laboratory safety. We offer choice, quality, and supply assurance whether you are conducting research for organic, inorganic, analytical, life science, or material science research. We have established a robust global sourcing network and offer the convenience of prepackaged catalog products in several sizes, as well as custom chemical offerings that provide flexible solutions for chemistry workflows.

Chemical categories

Browse our catalog to find the right chemicals, biochemicals, and reagents for your experiments. In addition to basic laboratory chemicals and labware for routine use, we offer building blocks, catalysts, chromatography solvents, high-purity metals, and a range of specialized materials designed to support your research.

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Custom and bulk chemicals

When your projects require you to go beyond the catalog, save time and resources by turning to Thermo Fisher Scientific. We offer custom chemicals, bulk, specialized testing, and tailored packaging solutions to meet your research and development needs. Our custom and bulk chemicals are manufactured under a detailed and robust quality management program and are shipped with lot-specific Certificates of Analysis (COA) and Safety Data Sheets (SDS).

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Key applications

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Join us for a series of conversations with chemists from C&EN's Talented 12 as they discuss highlights of their research, the challenges they have faced, and insights that may help guide your future research efforts.

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Named Reactions

Explore our collection of organic chemistry resources to stay up to date with the latest developments in organic synthesis. Browse our collection featuring articles, videos, and posters with particular focus on the Named Reactions.

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Our brands

The Thermo Fisher Scientific laboratory chemicals portfolio includes the following product brands, available on thermofisher.com:  

We offer an additional collection of chemicals and bioreagents through Fisher Scientific:

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