GeneArt Custom Gene Synthesis for custom DNA constructs

GeneArt Custom Gene Synthesis is a reliable and cost-effective method for obtaining custom DNA constructs with 100% sequence accuracy. To maximize expression of synthetic genes, we offer optimization with our patented GeneOptimizer algorithm which utilizes a unique multifactorial approach that goes beyond codon optimization.

Order custom DNA synthesis services

NOTICE: The Classic GeneArt Gene Synthesis Portal will be retired on November 15, 2024. Please see our retirement announcement and FAQs for more information.

Try the GeneArt Services Dashboard above, for our most intuitive design and ordering experience.

Reasons to choose GeneArt Gene Synthesis Services

  • Reliable delivery: Save time and effort by outsourcing your cloning and DNA fragment needs so you can focus on more important aspects of your research.
  • Fast synthesis: Turnaround times start at 5 business days with our acceleration services. Standard delivery times are faster than many conventional cloning methods.
  • Flexible, custom process: Obtain the exact sequence you need in the vector of choice—including challenging, complex constructs and custom vectors.
  • Optimize discovery: Utilize GeneOptimizer tool to improve protein expression and translational efficiency for a faster path to discovery when it matters.

Download our resource guide to learn more about GeneArt gene synthesis and protein expression services

If the gene synthesis vector selection tool doesn’t have the vector you’re looking for, or if you need a synthesized gene delivered in your unique vector; we have you covered.

Why onboard a unique vector?

  • Saves you time—we subclone for you
  • Receive future clones ready to use in your unique vector
  • Confidential—your vector is only available to you and no one else

Explore the custom vector ordering process

Typical production times are shown for complex and non-complex sequences in the table below.
Please note: For the best pricing and most accurate turnaround time, optimize your sequences to reduce complexity.

Gene length (bp)Production time (business days)
Non-complex sequenceComplex sequence
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Options to get your cloned genes even faster

  • Use our Express service to save 1–2 days of turnaround time
  • SuperSPEED starts at only 5 days (up to 1.2 kb)
Stylesheet for Classic Wide Template adjustments

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Stylesheet for Classic Wide Template adjustments