Options for how to receive your synthesized gene:

If you’d prefer to start with synthetic linear DNA, we offer affordable and high-quality Strings DNA fragments delivered fast and ready to clone yourself.

Receive a clone in our standard shuttle vector

Our standard shuttle vector, pMX, is a pUC19 derivative with a choice of antibiotic resistance markers. These vectors are intended for delivery of your clonal synthetic DNA. You simply excise your gene via restriction enzymes or PCR amplification and clone as you wish. Any specific flanking restriction enzymes you desire should be included in the gene sequence design provided for de novo synthesis.  

Get your de novo gene cloned into our pMX vector using GeneArt Instant Designer

Direct cloning into an expression-ready vector

Direct expression-ready vectors



Constitutive expression in a variety of mammalian cell lines


Constitutive mammalian expression vector designed to deliver exceptionally high levels of transgene expression


Production of recombinant baculovirus for expression testing in insect cells


Access to the Gateway Cloning system

pET100/D-TOPOBacterial expression in E.coli

Prokaryotic expression

pYes2.1V5-His TOPO

Saccharomyces cerevisiae expression

To qualify for direct cloning, genes must be <5 kb and must not contain complex sequences. To optimize your gene sequence, reduce complexity, and maximize protein expression levels, use the Invitrogen GeneArt GeneOptimizer.

Express delivery and Super Speed service saves additional production time if you need your clone fast. We offer many options that make it possible to obtain your cloned, expression-ready genes fast with the same high quality you rely on.

Use one of our popular Invitrogen vectors

We can clone your de novo gene into one of the many commercially available Invitrogen vectors that cover a multitude of downstream applications. If you don’t see a vector for selection from the drop-down in the classic ordering portal, you can purchase a commercially available Invitrogen vector and send it to us. 

Gateway cloning offers unique benefits

Gateway is a proven and highly cited cloning system that is ideal to shuttle genes of interest between vectors, using site-specific recombination-based cloning. This system offers a simple method to determine an optimal expression system for your research. As the sole provider of the Gateway recombination cloning technology we can subclone your gene into one of our many Gateway vectors.

Gateway offers an easy-to use choice for cloning in multiple expression systems, the insert’s proper orientation and reading frame are maintained during shuttling using the Gateway vectors saving time and effort.

Get your de novo gene cloned into one of our specific Invitrogen vectors using classic GeneArt portal

Personalization—using your own vector

We can also subclone your gene into virtually any vector you send us. Simply download the sequence submission form and send to geneartsupport@thermofisher.com and we will respond with a quote for the de novo gene synthesis and cloning into your desired vector.

Stylesheet for Classic Wide Template adjustments

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Stylesheet for Classic Wide Template adjustments