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Recombinant protein expression technology enables study of gene regulation and protein structure and function. Utilization of recombinant protein expression can also vary widely—from investigation of function in vivo to large-scale production for biotherapeutic drug discovery and structural studies. Using the right protein expression system for your specific application is critical to success. Consider protein solubility, functionality, purification speed, and yield when choosing an expression system. We offer a wide selection of superior mammalian, insect, yeast, bacterial, algal, and cell-free protein expression systems to suit your research needs, backed by trusted brands like Gibco and Invitrogen.

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Protein Expression Publication Hub

Protein Expression publication hub

The Protein Expression Publication Hub features a curated list of publications that offers an in-depth look into how scientists like you advance their research with Expi protein expression systems.

Our systems are optimized to harness the power of transient expression with the goal of delivering high-yield, consistent proteins for a diverse array of downstream applications. Search now

Membrane proteins

With our novel membrane protein expression technologies, consistent expression of functional membrane proteins doesn’t have to be a challenge.


Fluorescent proteins

Fluorescent proteins create a straightforward, non-invasive method to detect recombinant proteins. Our many available fluorescent protein vector options make cloning, expression and viewing a protein of interest easier than ever.

Protein purification

From a variety of reliable affinity chromatography reagents enabling protein and antibody purification, to an assortment of proteases for efficient tag removal, we have your protein purification needs covered.

Tools for optimizing expression

Gene synthesis offers the opportunity to design every construct from scratch, offering maximum flexibility.


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We are committed to delivering products that serve the research needs of our customers, while striving to develop them in a way that minimizes our use of natural resources and our impact on the environment.

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Protein Expression Support Center
Find tips, troubleshooting help, and resources for your protein expression applications.

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