Flexible options for mammalian protein expression

It is often necessary to use a mammalian expression host in order to produce a functional mammalian protein that has the appropriate posttranslational modifications (e.g., disulfide bonds, glycosylation, and phosphorylation). We offer many flexible options for mammalian protein expression, including Invitrogen TOPO and Gateway expression vectors and mammalian cell culture products.

Featured mammalian protein expression categories

Rapid, high-yield, transient protein production using mammalian cells—Gibco Expi293 and FreeStyle Protein Expression Systems

Create stable, isogenic mammalian cell lines—Invitrogen Flp-In and Jump-In systems

High-yield mammalian protein expression—Invitrogen pcDNA 3.3 vectors

Generate functional, soluble GPCRs in mammalian cells—Invitrogen MembranePro system

Ideal for toxic proteins and for controlling expression levels—Invitrogen T-REx system

Fusion proteins for labeling and imaging—GFP and Invitrogen Vivid Colors systems

Ideal for difficult-to-transfect cell lines—Invitrogen ViraPower system

Gibco cell culture products, growth media, and reagents

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