Flexible options for mammalian protein expression

It is often necessary to use a mammalian expression host in order to produce a functional mammalian protein that has the appropriate posttranslational modifications (e.g., disulfide bonds, glycosylation, and phosphorylation). We offer many flexible options for mammalian protein expression, including TOPO® and Gateway® expression vectors and mammalian cell culture products.

Featured mammalian protein expression categories

Rapid, high-yield, transient protein production using mammalian cells—Expi293™ and FreeStyle™ Protein Expression Systems

Create stable, isogenic mammalian cell lines—Flp-In™ and Jump-In™ systems

High-yield mammalian protein expression—pcDNA™ 3.3 vectors

Generate functional, soluble GPCRs in mammalian cells—MembranePro™ system

Ideal for toxic proteins and for controlling expression levels—T-REx™ system

Fusion proteins for labeling and imaging—GFP and Vivid Colors™ systems

Ideal for difficult-to-transfect cell lines—ViraPower™ system

Gibco® cell culture products, growth media, and reagents

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