Blue paramagnetic bead linked to antibody, DNA, and protein

Easily extract, purify, clean up, and concentrate your proteins of interest with our kits, reagents, and devices. These products are optimized for a wide range of tissue and cell types and compatible with a broad range of protein purification resins and formats, which offer more choices and better protein recovery. Desalt, buffer exchange, remove contaminants, and concentrate proteins with our secure and efficient devices and resins.

5 steps to fundamental protein preparation  5 steps to protein isolation and purification

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Pierce Crossflow Filtration Cassettes

NEW Pierce Crossflow Filtration Cassettes

Perform concentration, clean up, and buffer exchange of higher volume biological samples and supernatants, with >99% sample recovery, with Pierce Crossflow Filtration Cassettes, which enable efficient concentration of large liquid volumes ranging from 0.5–6L.

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Protein purification is essential for a host of biochemical applications. With thousands of proteins, each displaying unique characteristics, it is crucial to develop a strategy for purification that delivers the high yield, purity, and activity needed for downstream applications. Learn more about various protein purification methods and products.

Dialysis cassettes, desalting columns, concentrators, and other buffer-exchange devices for removing contaminants and concentrating samples to prepare them for long-term storage or to make them compatible with downstream applications.

Specialized reagents designed for efficient organelle isolation, subcellular fractionation, and protein solubilization from a variety of cell and tissue types, protease inhibitors, phosphatase inhibitors, and detergents. 

Protein expression systems, including algae, bacterial, mammalian, insect, and yeast expression vector systems that are easy to use and deliver protein at high yield, and are suitable for nearly every downstream application.

Protease and phosphatase inhibitors, cocktails, and tablets—ideal for the protection of proteins during extraction or lysate preparation from primary cells, cultured mammalian cells, animal tissues, plant tissues, yeast, or bacterial cells.

Perform biological sample concentration, desalting, and buffer exchange with Thermo Scientific Pierce protein concentrators, which are available as disposable ultrafiltration centrifugal devices and larger crossflow filtration cassettes in a range of sizes and MWCOs.

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