The GeneArt gene-to-protein advantage

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Expand your capacity and expedite your protein and antibody discovery workflow. We’ve combined our R&D breakthroughs in gene synthesis, sequence optimization, and expression systems for services that can function as a flexible extension of your lab. You can outsource all or part of your protein expression and purification projects, with our scales supporting early discovery work through pilot studies and all the way up to 100 L+ production. Move from a target list to purified and documented protein in as little as 4 weeks with GeneArt gene-to-protein services.

Advantages of selecting GeneArt Services:

  • Higher yields—GeneOptimizer algorithm and optimized Expi mammalian expression systems
  • Expert support—from consultation to ordering to delivery
  • End-to-end speed—streamlined, fast production from gene synthesis to protein purification

Optimized protein expression

GeneArt Services help maximize protein expression and cost efficiency by optimizing at every step. It starts on a foundation of sequence optimization, choosing codon sequences customized for the desired expression system. Compound that with media and cells that allow for higher cell densities, high per-cell productivity, and high-efficiency transfection for expression yields up to 3 g/L. Taken together, the result is higher protein yields from the same culture volume.

Figure depicting how time and money is saved by improving protein yield through sequence optimization
Cloning and protein expression workflow using GeneArt Gene Synthesis services, (A) without or (B) with proprietary GeneOptimizer software to optimize wild type sequences to improve cloning efficiencies and protein expression levels.


Learn how the GeneOptimizer algorithm was developed to improve protein expression

Our protein expression and purification services utilize commercially available Gibco ExpiCHO and Expi293 Expression systems, enabling you to seamlessly work between your bench and our productions labs.

These rapid, high-yield production systems based on high density cultures and powered by proven transfection reagents are a trusted staple in many labs expressing drug candidates.

Expert project support

From start to finish, every protein project is powered by a team of expert technical project managers. Whether you know exactly what you need or would prefer consultation to help achieve your goals, support is tailored for your specific requirements. Benefit from our experience to help accelerate your standard expression projects and provide guidance for more complex protocols, when needed.

Saving time with protein expression outsourcing: A case study

A clinical-stage biotechnology company pioneering the development of bi-functional fusion proteins required the fast generation of research grade protein candidates for screening and lead selection.

  • >400 unique Fc-fusion protein sequences were sent to Thermo Fisher Scientific, converted to DNA sequences, and codon-optimized for species of interest
  • Synthesized genes were cloned into expression vectors for transient expression using the Gibco Expi Expression System, and proteins were purified using affinity chromatography
  • Our customer received both the proteins and DNA for current validation work and any future needs

Value delivered by GeneArt protein expression services

  • Generated a library of Fc-fusion protein candidates for in vitro, in vivo screening, and lead selection that supported IND filings to move therapeutics from bench to clinic
  • Custom products delivered in 6 weeks from concept to compound, helping to save 6 monthsof antibody development in-house

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