GeneArt Subcloning and Plasmid Services

GeneArt Plasmid Services include flexible offerings covering construction of plasmid vectors customized for your needs, and subcloning of your sequence into any vector, including the Gateway vector system. Concentrate on your research goals and leave your plasmid construction and subcloning work to us.

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Dependable high quality plasmid DNA purification

Experienced scientists, using proven protocols and quality-controlled systems and reagents prepare purified plasmid DNA (pDNA) for GeneArt Plasmid Services. Our goal is to provide consistent high quality plasmid preparations for research applications and preclinical studies.

Highly pure, homogeneous plasmid DNA: transfection/transformation-ready

  • Extremely low levels of endotoxin: <0.1 EU/µg pDNA (generally considered endotoxin-free). We can provide pDNA with <0.01 EU/µg pDNA if desired
  • Milligram- to gram-scale production
  • Production in shaker culture or bioreactor
  • Delivery options: liquid, with or without cool packs; or frozen on dry ice
  • Fill & Finish Service available—get your pDNA aliquotted and labeled for immediate use, per your specifications

Applications include:

  • Transfection into mammalian cells
  • Immunization studies
  • Preclinical studies
  • Toxicological studies

Two Ways to Order

Download the Plasmid Order Form , enter your project using Microsoft Excel, and email it to the GeneArt Plasmid Services team at

When setting up your project online, choose “plasmid preparation” and follow the instructions to enter your plasmid preparation requirements.

Fill & finish service

Choose the GeneArt Fill & Finish Service to receive your plasmid DNA ready to use: separated into aliquots and labeled according to your specifications. Just tell us the DNA concentration you need, how many aliquots you want, and the volume per aliquot. The Fill & Finish Service can provide 50–5,000 aliquots of your plasmid DNA, and it includes the tubes, labeling, and packaging.

Comprehensive quality control

Visual appearance Visual inspection
Clear, Colorless solution
Homogeneity Agarose gel electrophoresis (AGE)
≥85% super-coiled (dependent on plasmid characteristics)
Concentration UV spectrophotometry: A260
0.5–2 mg/mL or as specified
Identity Restriction digestion, AGE / or sequencing
Comigration with appropriate size standard / or sequence confirmation
A260/280 ratio UV spectrophotometry
Endotoxin content LAL assay (optional)
≤0.1 EU/µg pDNA (<0.01 EU/µg pDNA available)

Bioburden testing, genomic DNA and RNA assays on request.
DNA sequencing available on request, with your Phred quality score specification.
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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.