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Imaging and high-content systems, flow cytometry platforms, Molecular Probes™ labeling reagents and cell function assays

Gibco™ cell culture media, sera, reagents, and Lipofectamine™ transfection reagents

Invitrogen™ cloning kits, expression vectors, enzymes, competent cells, and GeneArt™ gene synthesis tools

Invitrogen™ and Ambion™ RNA, miRNA, plasmid DNA, and gDNA purification solutions

Products for sample preparation, sequencing, quantitative PCR, functional analysis assays, and bioinformatics tools

Attune™ Flow Cytometer as well as antibodies, assays and reagents and instrument controls & standards

TaqMan® Gene Expression Assays, SNP genotyping, microarray analysis, and LCM

A broad range of solutions to help you create modified genes, expression systems, and stable cell lines for your research

Enterprise informatics, LIMS, application-specific software, lab automation software, robust data storage solutions

Cold storage, ovens & furnaces, centrifuges, incubators & safety cabinets, water baths, stirrers and shakers

A wide variety of laboratory plasticware, including bottles, funnels, beakers, and flasks, as well as cell culture plastics and pipettes

A complete range of custom-synthesized oligonucleotide primers, probes, and genes


Applied Biosystems™ thermal cyclers, plasticware, standard and specialty PCR enzymes and reagents, and digital PCR

Protein expression, purification, Slide-A-Lyzer™ dialysis products, Novex™ gels, cross-linking, mass spec, BCA assays, westerns, and IP

TaqMan® Real-Time PCR Assays, SYBR™ and one-step qPCR master mixes, and real-time PCR instruments

Ambion™ siRNA, vector- and virus-based RNAi, in vivo RNAi, and RNAi transfection

Next-generation and Sanger sequencing, Ion PGM™, Ion Proton™, sequencing kits, reagents, and data analysis

Products for culture & expansion of iPSCs and other lineages, and for cell differentiation, reprogramming, and analysis