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Fulfill your media, fetal bovine serum, and reagent needs, including new products to increase performance & simplify procedures.

Effective reagents for delivery of plasmid DNA, siRNA, RNAi duplexes, oligonucleotides, and RNA into eukaryotic cells.

Laboratory plastics including dishes, flasks, tubes, and microplates—available in a variety of formats, sizes, and surface characteristics.

Advance your research with proven cell culture instruments and equipment, including CO2 incubators, biological safety cabinets, general purpose centrifuges, lab refrigerators and freezers, automated cell counters, and cell imaging systems.

Find products for manual and electronic pipetting, automated liquid handlers, reagent dispensers, as well as pipette tips for any pipette you have in the lab.

Sterility maintenance is the last line of defense against contamination. Our filtration products include bottletop filters, cutdisk filters, filter units, and syringe filters.

Find smart, easy-to-use cryopreservation systems as well as a variety of cryoware products and accessories for the highest-quality storage of your samples.

Superior media and reagents ranging from classical to serum- and protein-free formulations.

From the basic formulations to the newest innovations, Gibco Bioprocessing provides the highest quality, consistency, and performance for your cell culture scale-up needs.

Human primary cell cultures closely mimic the in vivo state and generate more physiologically relevant data.

Products tailored to the stem cell research workflow for embryonic stem cell and adult stem cell populations.

Streamline your neuronal cell culture and obtain high-quality results with our trusted Gibco products and technologies.

Organoids, spheroids, and the study of cells as 3D models show great potential in many applications including disease modeling and regenerative medicine.

Organoids, spheroids, and the study of cells as 3D models show great potential in many applications including disease modeling and regenerative medicine.

Workflow solutions for cell culture management. Generate, track, and maintain cell lines through the entire cell culture process.

Discover a broad range of solutions to help you create modified genes, expression systems, and stable cell lines for your research.

Gibco Cell Culture Basics

Cell culture is critical to your success, so make sure everyone in your lab uses the best procedures and products to consistently get the outcomes you expect. Cell Culture Basics is an introduction to cell culture, covering topics such as laboratory set-up, safety and aseptic technique.

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We are committed to delivering products that serve the research needs of our customers, while striving to develop them in a way that minimizes our use of natural resources and our impact on the environment.

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Find the information you need for successful cell culture—including application notes, videos & webinars, and the Gibco Education virtual labs—in the Cell Culture & Transfection Learning Center.


Find tips, troubleshooting help, and resources for your cell culture workflow in the Cell Culture & Transfection Support Center

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