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Purify DNA & RNA efficiently & effectively

Our nucleic acid purification products are optimized to provide maximum yield, purity, and integrity from virtually any sample type. Invitrogen products can help reduce DNA & RNA purification errors. Explore our Invitrogen product line and other Invitrogen technology choices for efficient purification of RNA, miRNA, plasmid DNA, and gDNA. Learn about our innovative Invitrogen Cells-to-CT products for bypassing nucleic acid isolation altogether, as well as new kits to work with FPPE samples.

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Featured DNA & RNA purification product categories

Our sensitive, scalable DNA purification products help maximize your efficiency.

Our RNA extraction kits address every application, sample, and RNA type.

We'll help you successfully isolate, purify, and extract quality plasmid DNA.

Our KingFisher purification systems minimize your contact with samples using automated nucleic acid purification for DNA, RNA, and plasmids.

Use our gels and reagents for quick, accurate separation and analysis of nucleic acids, including the E-Gel system.

We offer flexible systems to purify viral DNA and RNA with excellent reproducibility.

Our Qubit fluorometers and Quanti-iT assay kits enable accurate and easy quantitation of nucleic acids.

Purify DNA with our simple, rapid PCR and gel cleanup kits.

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.