Purify plasmid DNA for every application

Our wide range of plasmid DNA extraction products are designed to isolate plasmid DNA at the purity and scale you need. Choose from our selection of high-performing, cost-effective plasmid purification technologies designed to help you overcome common plasmid prep issues, such as low recovery and the presence of impurities. Learn how to manually purify plasmid DNA using our kits in our plasmid isolation protocol videos.

Plasmid DNA Preparation Sizes

Overnight bacterial culture volume1–5 mL25–100 mL100–500 mL500 mL–2.5 L2.5–5 L
Approximate yieldUp to 40 µgUp to 400 µgup to 1.5 mgUp to 5 mgUp to 15 mg

Plasmid purity grade and endotoxin level

Purity GradeMolecularTransfectionAdvanced Transfection
Endotoxin Level>10 EU/µg0.1–1 EU/µg< 0.1 EU/µg

Robust purification of plasmid DNA, in the amount and purity required for the downstream application of interest, is the key step of any protein expression workflow. Learn how to obtain transfection-grade plasmids and use them with Gibco ExpiCHO and Expi293 transient mammalian expression systems.

Transfection-grade and advanced transfection-grade plasmid purification kits

Transfection-grade and advanced transfection-grade plasmid purification kits include “low-endotoxin” and “endotoxin-free” kits. These kits are used to extract plasmid DNA (pDNA) with very low levels of endotoxins from bacterial cultures. High amounts of endotoxins are released from lysed bacteria during the plasmid purification process. These are lipopolysaccharides that limit cell growth, reduce cell viability, decrease transfection efficiency and protein expression, and mimic sepsis. Removal of these endotoxins is critical to maintaining the integrity of isolated plasmid DNA.

Our low-endotoxin and endotoxin-free Invitrogen and GeneJET plasmid DNA isolation kits are ideal for researchers who need fast and simple plasmid purification that provides high purity and yield for sensitive downstream applications tailored to a specific prep size. 

 Thermo Scientific GeneJET Endo-Free Plasmid Maxiprep KitInvitrogen PureLink Expi Endotoxin-Free Plasmid Purification KitsInvitrogen PureLink Fast Low-Endotoxin Purification KitsInvitrogen PureLink HiPure Plasmid Kits
Prep Size AvailableMaxiMaxi, Mega, GigaMidi, MaxiMini, Midi, Maxi, Mega, Giga
Purity grade / Endotoxin levelEndotoxin-free
(< 0.1 EU/µg)
(< 0.1 EU/µg)
Low endotoxin
(0.1–1 EU/µg)
Low endotoxin
(0.1–1 EU/µg)

Molecular-grade plasmid purification kits

For fast, simple, and reliable plasmid purification, our Invitrogen and GeneJET molecular-grade plasmid DNA (pDNA) isolation kits produce pure, ready-to-use plasmids that are compatible with a range of standard molecular biology applications. Molecular-grade kits are suitable for transformation of bacterial and yeast cells; however, they may not be ideal for transfection of sensitive mammalian cells due to the presence of endotoxins. For transfection applications, please see the transfection-grade plasmid purification kits above.

 Invitrogen PureLink Pro Quick 96 Plasmid Purification KitInvitrogen PureLink Quick Plasmid Miniprep KitThermo Scientific GeneJET Plasmid Kits
Prep Size AvailableSmall-scale 96-well plate formatMiniMini, Midi, Maxi
Purity grade (Endotoxin level)Molecular grade
(>10 EU/µg)
Molecular grade
(>10 EU/µg)
Molecular grade
(>10 EU/µg)


Extract Plasmid DNA with PureLink and GeneJet

How to purify endotoxin-free plasmid DNA

Watch this video to learn how to purify plasmid DNA using the PureLink Expi Endotoxin-Free Maxi Plasmid Purification Kit. This video shows you how to isolate and purify high-quality, endotoxin-free plasmid DNA for sensitive applications like primary cell transfection.

How to purify molecular-grade plasmid DNA

This video shows you how to purify molecular-grade plasmid DNA in 15 minutes using our GeneJET Plasmid Miniprep Kit. Molecular-grade plasmid DNA is suitable for cloning, nucleic acid labeling, PCR, DNA sequencing, and transformation.

How to purify plasmid DNA using our megaprep kit

Isolate transfection-grade plasmid DNA in as little as 90 minutes with the Invitrogen PureLink HiPure Expi Plasmid Megaprep Kit. This innovative proprietary anion-exchange resin in these kits combines large capacity with fast flow rate, high resolution, and efficiency.

How to purify transfection grade plasmid DNA

Learn how to purify transfection grade plasmid DNA with the Invitrogen PureLink HiPure Plasmid Filter Maxiprep Kit. Transfection grade plasmid DNA is suitable for all molecular-grade applications, as well as in vitro transcription and transfection.

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