Plasmid Isolation
Successfully isolate quality plasmid DNA. Choose from our wide range of high-performing, cost-effective plasmid purification technologies designed to help you overcome common plasmid prep issues, such as low recovery and the presence of impurities.

Prep sizes and purity grades are available to suit every application.

Which plasmid DNA isolation technology is right for you?

  Rapid isolation of molecular biology quality Gold standard for ultrapure, high quality Enhanced purity for sensitive applications
Purity grade Molecular Transfection Advanced transfection
Endotoxin Standard (>10 EU/µg) Low endotoxin (0.1–1 EU/µg) Endotoxin-free
(< 0.1 EU/µg)
Plasmid DNA purification kit GeneJET PureLink HiPure PureLink Fast PureLinkExpi
Total protocol time 15–60 min 30–120 min 30 min 90–120 min
Prep size Mini–Maxi Mini–Giga Midi, Maxi Maxi, Mega, Giga
Yield up to 20 µg–1 mg 20 µg–15 mg 0.4 mg (midi prep) or 1.5 mg (maxi prep) 1.5-15 mg
Technology Silica membrane Anion exchange Advanced silica Anion exchange membrane
Applications Not sensitive
  • PCR
  • Cloning (digestion, ligation)
  • Sequencing
  • Transfection of standard, robust cell lines
  • All molecular biology applications
Very sensitive
  • Primary and stem cell transfection
  • Gene therapy and vaccine (in vivo) research
  • All standard transfection applications
  • All molecular biology applications
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Prep sizes

  Miniprep Midiprep Maxiprep Megaprep Gigaprep
Overnight bacterial culture volume 1–5 mL 25–100 mL 100–500 mL 500 mL–2.5 L 2.5–5 L
Approximate Yield Up to 40 µg Up to 400 µg up to 1.5 mg Up to 5 mg Up to 15 mg