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Find useful technical information about genomic DNA purification including isolation, automation, DNA clean-up, and gel extraction.

Get help with isolating plasmid DNA at the purity and scale you need, including purification of endotoxin-free (0.1 EU/µg) plasmid preps. Browse through our technical content on individual plasmid prep kits or our automated purification system.

Access in-depth technical information on RNA sample collection and isolation, including best practices for protecting your RNA from degradation by nucleases. Learn about RNA purification for different applications and access tips for maximizing your yield.

Find support information on our automated high-throughput systems for nucleic acid purification, including the MagMAX, KingFisher, and iPrep systems.

Discover the benefits of using Dynabeads® magnetic beads for DNA and RNA purification. Find tips and common troubleshooting advice, ranging from selecting the best beads and conditions for your experiment to maximizing RNA/DNA yield.

Obtain answers to your questions about nucleic acid gel electrophoresis using acrylamide or agarose gels, including E-gels. Get help with setting up your experiment or analyzing results using a gel documentation system. Find tips and tricks for Northern blotting, and ways to maximize sensitivity of your assay.

Find valuable support information and technical resources on nucleic acid stains, including SYBR® dyes, to detect DNA/RNA, as well as answers to your frequently asked nucleic acid ladder and marker questions.

Discover best practices for labeling nucleic acids, including fluorescent dye labeling and probe generation. Find useful resources and troubleshooting help to ensure optimal labeling of your samples.

Browse through our pages for support resources related to nucleic acid quantification, including the Qubit® fluorometer and Quant-iT™ assay kits for DNA and RNA quantitation.

Looking for support on End-Point PCR or Reverse Transcription? Visit our PCR & cDNA Synthesis Support Center.