Check out our video protocols to learn from our scientists some tips and tricks to successful isolation. We have protocol videos ranging from isolating RNA, gDNA, and plasmids from various sample types.

List of video protocols


How to do an Endo-free Maxi Prep

Watch a 4-minute video on how to purify Plasmid DNA. It will show you how to get fast, high quality, endotoxin-free Plasmid DNA yields.

How to analyze gene expression from cultured cells

Learn how to prepare RNA for gene expression analysis from cultured cells in 7 minutes. The Cells-to-CT 1-Step TaqMan Kit is a simple, quick alternative to traditional RNA extraction.

How to isolate RNA from tissue or cells

Learn how to isolate ultrapure total RNA within an hour, even from difficult samples with the TRIzol Plus RNA Purification Kit. The isolated total RNA may be used for RNA sequencing, RT-PCR, and microarrays.

How to stabilize RNA in fresh specimens

Learn how to quickly and easily stabilize and protect RNA in fresh specimens. RNAlater Stabilization Solution eliminates the need to immediately process samples, freeze them in liquid nitrogen, or rush them to the freezer.

How to purify transfection-grade plasmid DNA

Learn how to purify transfection grade plasmid DNA with the Invitrogen PureLink HiPure Plasmid Filter Maxiprep Kit. Transfection grade plasmid DNA is suitable for all molecular-grade applications, as well as in vitro transcription and transfection.

How to isolate total RNA using magnetic bead–based technology

Learn how to achieve rapid, quantitative isolation of total RNA in both manual and automated workflows with the MagMAX MirVana Total RNA Isolation Kit. Bead-based isolation is very similar to filter-based isolation. Both follow the same principles.

How to purify microbial and host DNA from stool samples

Learn how to isolate microbial DNA that accurately reflects the diverse microbes in the community sampled. This video will provide an outline of stool microbial DNA isolation, plus some tips and tricks.

How to purify molecular grade plasmid DNA

Learn how to purify molecular grade plasmid DNA in 15 minutes with the Thermo Scientific GeneJET Plasmid Miniprep Kit. Molecular grade plasmid DNA is suitable for cloning, nucleic acid labeling, PCR, sequencing and transformation.

How to do a megaprep plasmid DNA purification

Isolate transfection-grade plasmid DNA in as little as 90 minutes with the PureLink HiPure Expi Plasmid Megaprep Kit. The novel, proprietary anion-exchange resin in these kits combines large capacity with fast flow rate, high resolution, and efficiency.

How to purify circulating cell-free DNA

Learn how to perform manual and automated purification of circulating cell-free DNA from plasma samples. Throughout the process, magnets are utilized to isolate the DNA, making the protocol simple and scalable.

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