DNA & RNA Purification & Analysis Equipment & Plasticware

Pipette, spin, repeat…

Manual DNA and RNA purification requires accurate pipetting and reliable centrifugation for maximum yield and quality. Our pipettes and tips offer precision as well as superior ergonomics for repetitive tasks, while our benchtop centrifuges combine speed, safety and versatility to enhance your workflows. 

To make protocols even simpler, our automated liquid handling solutions reduce the time spent on manual pipetting tasks, and our Kingfisher Purification Systems eliminate manual steps even further by automating nucleic acid purification. 

We also offer electrophoresis equipment in a range of sizes and styles to fit your nucleic acid analysis needs, and hybridization overs whose space-saving design and excellent uniformity are ideal for molecular biology labs. And our wide selection of general lab equipment and plasticware will help you find all the supplies needed to complete all your DNA and RNA purification and analysis assays.

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DNA & RNA Purification & Analysis Equipment

DNA & RNA Purification & Analysis Plasticware

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