Tackle any job with world-class manual and electronic single channel pipettes

The leader in pipetting technology—From the first variable volume micropipette to the first to offer an interlock Thermo Scientific ClipTip interface—Thermo Scientific manual pipetting systems deliver unparalleled ergonomics, dependability and quality for consistent and reproducible results.

New to the lab or just looking to improve on your pipetting technique? We can help.

Select the single channel pipette that's right for you

F1-ClipTip Pipettes

Sealed in security. Feel the difference.

  • Tips lock in place with a light touch
  • A complete seal on every channel
  • Maintain precise sample volumes

Finnpipette F1 Pipettes

Ergonomic and Safe Performance

  • Remarkably lightweight
  • Reduce strain with low plunger and ejection forces
  • Ergonomic comfort

Finnpipette F2 Pipettes

Robust, Durable Design

  • Fully autoclavable
  • Withstands exposure to harsh chemical applications
  • Resistant to UV light

Did you know we have Electronic Single Channel pipettes?


Ideal for repetitive tasks, choose from our Electronic pipette models with index finger pipetting action and electronic tip ejection. A great choice when pipetting with microcentrifuge or test tubes.

Don't forget your single channel pipette tips!


Increase reliability and reproducibility with tips precisely manufactured and designed to work together as a system with your pipette. Thermo Scientific ClipTip and Finntip pipette tips are available in a variety of volumes and packaging configurations.

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What is ClipTip Technology?

Friction sealing systems

Pipettes with a friction seal system, rely on a user’s force to attach tips to the pipette, which varies from user to user.


Increased tip attachment and ejection forces
Loose tips which can drop off or leak air
Decreased confidence in reproducibility of results
Premature tip cone wear


ClipTip system

ClipTip interlocking technology has an interface between the pipette fitting and tips that seal by clipping into place.

  • Extremely low tip attachment and ejection forces
  • Complete seal on every channel
  • No loose tips
  • Reproducibility 

Worry-free pipetting is finally here with the only tip that clips

The F1-ClipTip manual pipettes ensure you have a complete seal on each channel when the tips are locked into place. Whether you’re using a single or multichannel pipette, you will get the volume you expect to accelerate discovery.

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