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Aspire Member Program

A rewards program to show our appreciation and support your contribution to science.


How the program works

Enroll to receive a free, full-size product of your choice annually, and start earning points towards products, rewards and discounts.

Earn points for:

  • Using products
  • Purchasing products
  • Completing recommended activities

Get products:

  • 100,000+ free trial products to choose from each year
  • Use points for additional trial products and discounts
  • Custom workflow bundles and newly released products

Redeem for rewards:

  • Apparel and wearables: T-shirts, sweaters, joggers, shoes
  • Accessories and seasonal: Pins, bags, blankets, water bottles
  • Lab items: Timers, calculators, lab coats

Refresh your skills:

  • Virtual science courses and textbooks
  • In-lab instrument and application training
  • Access to BioRender, JoVE and poster printing

* Terms, conditions, and restrictions apply to all benefits. Learn more ›

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