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  • A Drop of Advice (PDF, 784 KB) Pipettes are commonplace within most labs, but contamination can prove an unwanted consequence during experiments. This article looks at top tips for decontamination.

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Manual Pipetting Systems

  • NEW! F1-ClipTip Pipetting System Brochure (PDF, 1.6 MB) See how the F1-ClipTip Pipetting System will transform your daily pipetting for enhanced productivity.
  • Finnpipette F2 (PDF, 1.27 MB) A pipette that has all the right qualities - light pipetting action, easy to use, and fully autoclavable.
  • Finnpipette Dispenser Brochure (PDF, 513 KB) The Finnpipette Dispenser enables the realization of simple, rapid dispensing with sure results and is equipped with the unique combination of a ceramic piston, graduated gauge, and digital volumetric adjustment device.
  • Finnpipette Digital Pipettes (PDF, 668KB) Classic style for timeless dependability and durability.

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